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Monday, August 08, 2022


Spike, now named Ike, was loving fostered by Debbie & Sanford Hileman in Surgoinsville, TN.

Spike was adopted by the Chad and Jessica and their children Julia and Blake of Oak Ridge, TN. Ike has fit right in with his new family and loves playing with his two-legged siblings. Ike has decided it’s his job to watch over the kids at night and has selected a spot between their bedrooms to sleep at night. His new family says that Ike is the best dog they have ever known and they already love him. 


Brigitta was lovingly fostered by Mims in SC until her adoption on March 14th.

Abby now has a new home in Georgia with Sim and Phillip and a new brother named Taylor pictured on the left.  Eleven pound Abby is on the right.  She has been exploring her new home and getting acquainted.  We know she will have a great life and receive lots of love.



Daphne was lovingly fostered by The Gulicks & the Rileys, in Florida. Tom & Karen, adopted her in February. Daphne has fit right into their family and they really love her. Daphne came into rescue with heart worms. She was treated and is now healthy again. She now has a wonderful new family to call her own. Daphne had a rough start to life, but with Tom & Karen, she will surely get all the love she has always deserved! Daphne has many years left to repay them with unconditional love.



Sammy was lovingly fostered by Megan and the Muellers, in Florida. Barbara & Dennis, adopted him in mid February. They had been looking for just the right Schnauzer to make their family whole again. Sammy came into rescue looking like a rag doll, but he sure landed on his feet in foster care and now has a wonderful new home! You can see by the picture with his new family that he will be well loved!

Sammy has years of fun to look forward to with Barbara & Dennis. He now has a summer home in MI, a winter home in FL, and even a boat to enjoy! He's a very active and loving little boy who will make all of these things more fun and will surely be a blessing to his new family.



Mr. Patton, (PittyPat to his friends), was adopted by Laura and Casey of Tupelo, MS.  During his short stay with foster parents, Don and Diana in Atlanta, he proved to be the larger than life play dog that everyone said he was.  He entertained his foster family with his massive personality, but also demonstrated just how smart he was.
He warmed up to Laura and Casey as soon as he met them.  They report that he is "wonderful", and that he has immediately settled into his new "Forever Home".  We are told that he even has his own room.
His new family wanted an active dog and Patton WILL deliver. He will be so spoiled and will have a great life with all the attention that he is getting from his new loving family. 

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