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Monday, July 26, 2021


Moshe was lovingly fostered by Connie in FL.

Moshe wished for a Forever Family with children and another dog to play with. His wish came true when Cathy, William, their two sons and Duke, their Labrador, welcomed him into their home. Duke showed Dunkin how much fun it is to swim in the pool, so he joined right in with his vest on. He also loves lying on the raft with his human brothers. The boys have been keeping Dunkin busy throwing the ball and teaching him to fetch. Cathy stated he immediately became a part of the pack!


Fiddle was fostered with love by Bridget and Steve in FL.

Big things come in small packages… and tiny 6-pound Fiddle is filled with Big Love for his new mom, Andrea, and Schnauzer sister, Sophie. He never lets his small size impede his goal to secure the best lap position. Fiddle gets help from 4-legged cousin Louie to learn the best nap spots in his new house. And he doesn’t even mind being called by all his nicknames: Fiddle-Faddle, Fiddle-Dee-Dee, Fiddlesticks. That’s because he especially loves to be called “Family”. Thank you for adopting from SLR (again!) and giving Fiddle a happy, loving home!


Annie was lovingly fostered by April & Susan in FL.

Annie, the 8 pound Morkie, is enjoying her speed runs and playtime with her new brother, ‘Tug the Pug!’ Anita states that Annie is as fast as a jack rabbit as she runs around the backyard.  She and Tug are enjoying their daily walks in the neighborhood and meeting all the new neighbors and their dogs. Annie also loves having a human bother, Cory, to play and cuddle with.


Milo was lovingly fostered by Lisa & John in FL.

Milo, the Magnificent, as his new mom Kathy calls him, is living the good life. Kathy is awakened every morning with kisses from Milo. Such a great way to start the day! Milo loves when he gets belly rubs from Kathy’s grandson. Thank you so much for giving Milo such a wonderful home where he feels safe.


Tyson was lovingly fostered by Connie in FL.

Candace states that Tyson is a great, sweet companion. He enjoys meeting the numerous dogs in his neighborhood during his walks. He loves taking his afternoon naps and enjoys his beautiful backyard. Tyson loves his forever home and is so appreciative of all the love and care he receives.


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