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Foster / Volunteer Application - Schnauzer Love Rescue, Inc.

A contract between the owners of the dog, Schnauzer Love Rescue, Inc., known herein as SLR, Inc. and the caretakers of the dog, known herein as foster home or foster family.
The foster family fully understands that they are to act as a foster home for one or more of SLR, Inc.'s dogs while in the foster's care and in their home. The dogl will remain the property of SLR, Inc.. The dog will be surrendered to an officer of SLR, Inc. immediately on request.
The animal will be fed, watered and exercised appropriately. No prong or shock collars are to be used at anytime. The foster home will not be compensated for expenses incurred in the normal daily care of the animal. Expenditures incurred by the foster family other than emergency care and treatment require prior approval by the President or the Vice-President of SLR, Inc. The foster family will be held responsible for unapproved expenditures. Veterinary care will be provided by SLR, Inc. This includes vaccinations, heartworm testing and preventative monthly flea/tick preventative, altering and any prescription medications necessary for the dog.
The animal is to be adopted to its permanent home only under the supervision of an officer of SLR, Inc. and only to said pre-approved families. Adoptive families are to be contacted by the foster family as a courtesy to inquire about the animal at 30, 60 and 90 day intervals, however, adoptive families are to be accorded the utmost respect and privacy. All donations & adoption fees connected with the adoption of a dog will be sent directly to the designated SLR, Inc. Treasurer.
Questions or problems are to be directed to officers of SLR, Inc..
If there is a need to remove the dog from the foster home, the animal is to be given directly to a designated SLR, Inc. officer. The foster family accepts responsibility for any and all events that occur in connection with the fostering of a rescue animal.
The foster family agrees to release and indemnify any and all officers and members of SLR, Inc. from any and all claims, known and unknown, now or hereafter, arising in connection with the animal.
SLR, Inc. requires that the foster family have a crate available should its use be necessary. The foster family will evaluate the animal and prepare an evaluation form. This form will be kept with the adoption package as information for the new owners. A list of SLR, Inc's officers and other rescue contacts will be left with the foster family for reference.

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We check vet references. Please supply current or last used vet information & phone numbers & include all clinics, mobile vets etc you use or used if you have owned a pet within the last 5 years.
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