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Monday, July 22, 2024


Pemma, now called Lovey, was lovingly fostered by Suz in SC. 
Dear SLR, 
I wish I could make this “thank you” as BIG as my furever yard. Because you loved me, I have hit the jackpot with a big yard and a fursister. Now that I’m with my new Mommy, I think of Toto and Dorothy because I agree - “There’s no place like home…” 


Khloe was lovingly fostered by Kathy in SC

Khloe with a K is now living as queen in her new kastle with Camille and Larry.   Her majesty lives the life of luxury and is given the royal treatment both day and night by her new subjects (owners).  We wish you the best in your new kingdom Khloe. 



Pippa was fostered in Georgia.

Pippa is now a South Carolina girl and enjoys her day time  job looking out the window at her lizard friends.  At night she gives her forever mom, Jeanie, her full attention.  Jeanie claims Pippa is the sweetness and most affectionate little dog she’s ever had.  Pippa, a Schnauzer mix, is 75% Schnauzer according to a recent DNA test.   That’s alright Pippa, you found a 100% loving and permanent home.


Lucy was fostered by Carolyn and Kevin in FL.

Lovely Lucy is loving her forever home with Denise & Dennis. She is happy to be the only dog in the home as she is showered with all of the attention. She learned her daily routine very quickly. Lucy continues to be on a diet as she is quite fond of food. With all of the walks in the neighborhood, she should be down to her model size in no time.


Melody was fostered by Mary in Jacksonville & Linda in Ocala.

Sweet Melody quickly became a daddy’s girl. She loves to sit on his lap and watch tv. She has a new canine brother & sister – Mickey & Minnie! Mickey & Melody are getting along just fine. Minnie just watches from afar. Melody loves her walks in the neighborhood. Thank you Karen & Gio for realizing that ‘Three’s Company!’

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