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Monday, July 22, 2024


Big Bad Bear is living big in FL with his Dad, Jason (SLR Volunteer). This furry bundle of love enjoys everyone he meets. Bear has learned his daily routine and is enjoying all of his walks with his dad as he gets so much attention from all of the neighbors. Thank you for once again adopting from SLR!


Hans & Fritz were lovingly fostered by Gregg & Stacy in FL.

Siblings, Hans & Fritz, are living the good life with their Forever Mom, Jessica. The brothers are so bonded, that they choose to sleep together in one dog bed. They are enjoying meeting Jessica's family as well as all their new neighbors. They are both Velcro dogs with Jessica. They follow her from room to room. If Hans sits on her lap, Fritz is right there also. Jessica cannot state enough how wonderful the boys are and feels so lucky that they chose her for their forever home.


Sterling was affectionately fostered by Bridget and Steve in Titusville, FL.

Sterling’s new family recognized immediately that he is worth more than silver.  He needed a name fitting of such a majestic dog. His new moniker is Ollivander Seamus Dinosaur (nickname: Ollie)! Kelsie, Chris, their 3 young humans and 1 cat are in love with the newest member of their pack. Ollie enjoys being their Velcro dog, protecting everyone from evil squirrels, exploring the comforts of the cat’s bed, and napping with young humans.Thank you for adopting from SLR and giving Ollie a happy, loving home!



Marjy & Stoney were lovingly fostered by Jackie & John in FL.

Marjy (now Sandy) and Stoney (now Divot) did not have to travel far to meet their Forever Family. Jackie & John feel like they each scored a 'Hole In One' with this combo. The sister and brother love having each other to play with but also enjoy taking turns going to work with their parents. These two are destined to have many years of happiness with their Forever Family.



Mitzie was lovingly fostered by Beth & Kenny in Cooper City, FL.

Mitzie is living life big in The Villages with her mom, Sunny. Mitzie enjoys meeting new friends on her walks but most of all enjoys sitting on her mom’s lap. Mitzie is a Velcro dog and loves all the attention she gets. Nothing but ‘Sunny’ days ahead for sweet Mitzie.

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