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Sunday, April 21, 2019



Sweet, little Bear was found as a wandering neighborhood dog with no identification and quite shaggy... Frequently left outdoors, eating from garbage cans, but friendly to everyone he met. Bear came into SLR experiencing some separation anxiety and escape tactics, but nevertheless showed himself to be the sweetest, most adoring, and playful little fella. Bear quickly won the hearts of his new parents, Susan and Leander,  and siblings (human and fur). At approximately 2 years old, Bear has a long, happy, healthy life ahead of him!!!  Happy Tails, Bear!



Captain Jack was lovingly fostered by Paula in Merritt Island, FL.

Captain Jack took quite the road trip to be with his Forever Family, Toni & Jim of MS. He showed such great manners when they stopped at a dog friendly restaurant for dinner. This little pirate stole their hearts immediately.  Toni states what a ‘Wonderful Dog’ Captain Jack is. When they arrived back home, their friends had balloons tied to their mailbox – “It’s A Boy!” Thank you for adopting this sweet, handsome senior!


Charlie & Lily were lovingly fostered by Joy in Melbourne, FL.

Charlie & Lily, our FL Bonded Pair, are enjoying their Forever Home with Sara & Louis of Jacksonville. They are thrilled to have a human brother & sister also. It didn’t take this dynamic duo long to feel right at home as they explored the backyard and did speed runs throughout the house. Lily is thrilled that she still has lizards to chase. The neighbors brought over gift baskets to welcome Charlie & Lily to the neighborhood. Sara states that, ‘Charlie & Lily are so sweet and perfect for our family.’


Callie was lovingly fostered by Colleen in Naples, FL.

It took Callie less than 24 hours to feel comfortable in her Forever Home. She loves her mom and dad but her heart belongs to Mike. They are enjoying exploring the backyard together – where Callie goes – Mike follows. They are both playing with the toys and with each other. Callie loves laying on Jennifer’s lap while she takes a nap. Thank you for once again adopting from SLR!


Sir Elton was lovingly fostered by Molly & Ted in Dover, FL.

Sir Elton could definitely ‘Feel the Love’ when he met Bonnie & Tom. He is enjoying having a backyard to call his own as he enjoys all of his new surroundings. Even though Elton is visually impaired, he learned the layout of his new home very quickly. Bonnie is enjoying having a lap dog for the first time. Sir Elton ‘Wished for Something Special’ and he found it with this wonderful family.

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