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Monday, July 22, 2024


Isabel was fostered by Kevin in FL.

Beautiful Isabel is living the good life with Cyleste and Bret.  

She enjoys have a ‘big’ sweet brother to play with. Milo is a Weimaraner and enjoys running in the backyard with his new sister.


Gino was lovingly fostered by Kathryn in FL.

Gino is living the good life with John & Sharon. He loves his daily walks with John and enjoys meeting up with the other dogs in his new neighborhood. Gino appreciates when the neighbors stop to greet him. He has become John’s shadow in the house. Sharon states how sweet and loving Enzo is.


Roxy was fostered by April & Susan in FL.

Sweet Roxy found her forever home with Debbie, Jeffry and their Miniature Schnauzer, Cody.  Roxy is diabetic and is doing great with her wonderful family. She has no issues with accepting her insulin shots twice a day. She enjoys her daily walks and loves her healthy treats. Roxy very quickly became a ‘daddy’s girl.’ She loves to be wherever Jeffry is.


Lincoln was fostered with great fondness by Bridget & Steve in FL.

When sweet “Lincoln Log” joined SLR he was working on trimming down his physique. So destiny stepped in and he was adopted by Jim and Debbie. Jim walks many miles per day and Lincoln is the perfect walking buddy. Lincoln loves his new home. Debbie and Jim report that he is the self-appointed “Neighborhood Watch Director” from his special chair by the window. Lincoln is smitten with his new family and vice versa! Thank you for adopting from SLR (again!) and giving Lincoln a happy, loving home!


Oreo was fostered with great fondness by Bridget and Steve in FL.

It’s no coincidence that this beautiful girl is named after a cookie… she’s undeniably sweet! Kate and Greg immediately fell in love with that sweetness and adore their new member of the family. They love long walks in their community (required to avoid the “zoomies”)! The neighbors love sweet Oreo as well, and are prepared for a treat shake-down! Thank you for adopting from SLR and giving Oreo a happy, loving home!  

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