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Monday, July 26, 2021


Yeti was lovingly fostered by Kathryn in FL.

Yeti loves his walks in the neighborhood as he gets to socialize with the neighbors and their dogs. He loves when they take the time to pet him. Yeti follows Robert wherever he goes. He adjusted very quickly to his forever home with Melinda & Robert.


Gracie was lovingly fostered by Linda in FL.

Gracie made it to the perfect forever home with Doreen & Septimus. She has Gilly as a canine sister and Finley as a canine brother. The pack of (3) are getting along great. Gracie follows Septimus wherever he goes, enjoys car rides, but her favorite thing to do is cuddle with her head on Doreen’s shoulder.


Nugget was fostered with great by Bridget and Steve in Titusville, FL.


This shy, young “chocolate nugget” didn’t think life was very sweet with no family to call his own - until Schnauzer Love Rescue found his forever home! Karina and John, along with their pack: 4-legged Miniature Schnauzer, Fitz, and two 2-legged mini-humans, were tremendously happy to open their hearts to him. Fitz is testing Nugget’s stamina with endless play and Nugget has trained everyone in the ‘Art of the Snuggle.’ Nugget loves to share his favorite quote: “Happiness is an unexpected piece of chocolate.” Thank you for adopting from SLR and giving Nugget a happy, loving home!



Milo was lovingly fostered by Donna in FL.

Milo, the honorary Schnauzer, is living the good life with Margaret. He is allowed to sleep in the master bed and even enjoys being given a bath.  Margaret says that Milo enjoys his fenced-in backyard, but really loves taking walks in the neighborhood, so they take several a day. Milo will be spending his winters in FL and his summers in VT where he will have his own golf cart!



Bonnie was lovingly fostered by Robert & Chris in FL.

Bonnie adapted very quickly to her forever home with Sharon & her family. SLR Tex, is taking the lead and showing Bonnie around the house. He is enjoying having a companion once again. Bonnie quickly learned the words, Outside, Kitchen & Upstairs. Sharon states how smart and sweet Bonnie is.

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