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Monday, July 26, 2021


China was lovingly fostered by Beth & Kenny in FL.

Zoey found her happily ever after with Amy & Mitch. She went shopping her first day and got to pick out her new bed.  She is enjoying meeting her new neighbors while out for her walks. She

loves her fenced-in yard, where she can run and play as much as she wants.




Mia was lovingly fostered by Donna in FL.

Mia is being very spoiled in her forever home with Cathy & Robert. She uses the couch to take naps or to look out the window to check on the neighborhood. She loves her backyard, taking

walks and running around the house with her new toys in her mouth. She even has some new

clothes. Mia’s favorite place, however, is taking a nap on Cathy’s lap.



Kailee was lovingly fostered by Jennifer in FL.

Kailee is doing many ‘happy dances’ throughout the day in her forever home with Karen. Our sweet, blind and deaf dog feels the love that she is receiving and will pounce and twirl to show her happiness. Not only is she enjoying her backyard to exercise in but she is also enjoying her walks with all the new fragrances. She has learned to trust again and enjoys taking naps on Karen’s lap during the day. ‘Looking through the eyes of love.’


Avett was fostered with love by Bridget and Steve in Titusville, FL.

SLR helped Rhyder through his treatment for heartworms. With a playful spirit and a twinkle in his eye, he dreamed a forever family would find him. And they did! Rusty, Maria, and their son, Johnny, were instantly smitten. Rhyder’s joy was obvious with a tail that wags at warp speed. He now has a full toy box, a full tummy, and a full life with lots of love and attention. Judging from smiles all around, Rhyder’s happiness is contagious!

Thank you for adopting from SLR and giving Rhyder (our 'Honorary Schnauzer') a happy, loving home!

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