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Mischief was lovingly fostered by Diana and Charles

Sammi is the sweetest, most playful quirky dog! She has learned to use her paw to ring bells at the door to go outside which she does a hundred times a day, says adopters Kristen and Ryan from NC.  She has brought us so much joy and laughter! Thank you SLR!!



Nella was lovingly fostered by Mary in FL.


Nella adapted quickly to her forever home with Marie and her Westie - Sparky. She is enjoying running in her fenced yard and playing with all her toys. Nella is very affectionate and likes to stay close to Marie.



Prissy was fostered by Diana and Charles in NC

Dutchess has brought joy and laughter to my home, says SC adopter Shelley.  She gave me a reason to knock off work-from-home at 5:00.  We run and walk and play. But mostly we snuggle. She is the most loving dog I’ve ever seen. She literally hugs people with her little arms and paws, and loves nothing more than to snuggle her head on my chest.  And playing tug of war with socks and chasing balls, of course.  Thank you SLR for my Dutchess…who I should have named Snuggles 


Roxie was lovingly fostered by Diana and Charles in NC

Roxie dances for food. The girl really loves to eat. Roxie was adopted by Kathleen and Mikey (a male Shih Tzu) from NC.  Mikey and Roxie are doing great together. I have been able to go out shopping and take Mikey to the vet because of Roxie.  Roxie uses the doggie door now. All is good! Kathleen states that strangers whether it’s human or dog coming around will cause Roxie to bark.  Even when she barks, she’s a true cutie.



Darcee was lovingly fostered by Diana and Charles in NC

Bailey is doing so well.  We love having her around and she is the best pup and companion for Winston too! Bailey enjoys playing with her toys and she and Winston love to chase each other through the house as well. We only thought Winston could run fast, but Bailey can out run him every time. Bailey has really come out of her shell now that she has a sense of home. She is the best cuddler and couldn’t be happier that she’s part of our family!  Bailey was adopted by Daniel and Daniel in NC.

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