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Sunday, June 16, 2024


Astro was lovingly fostered and adopted by the Tori and Mike Friel.  Astro was their first boy foster since joining SLR in 2013. 

Astro was originally adopted, but had to be returned due to the medical issues of the adopting family.   After about two weeks of his return, his foster family decided that they where not going find another baby like him.   Tori says “Astro is such a family dog and loves just about everyone.  Little Holley has become quite the trainer in not only working with Astro but the other fosters in her home.  Astro is such a blessing and his home which would not be complete without him. 



Chloe & Nicki were lovingly fostered by Challice, Randy & their daughters in St. Johns, FL.

Chloe & Nicki, an adorable bonded pair, did not have to travel far to find their Forever Home with Kathy, Bill and their daughter, Jade. Kathy stated that both dogs adapted so easily – they act as if they have always lived with them. They sleep thru the night and have such good manners. The bonded pair bonded quickly with their Forever Family!



Petie and Watson were lovingly fostered by Tina in McCormick, SC.

Petie and Watson are brothers who were adopted by Loretta from Parrottsville, Tenn.  They have the opportunity daily to take a 1.5-mile leash walk to the mailbox.  The family are avid campers and the brothers went for their first camping trip within weeks of adoption.  Loretta says they all adapting well in the close quarters of the camper.  Petie and Watson are now country boys living on 15 acres.  SLR thanks you for adopting these two little doggies. 




Ulysses was lovingly fostered by Joy until his adoption.

Now he has a new name and a new mom, Julie, as well as a whole new familu.  Looks like Boomer will be livingthe good life.  Way to go Boomer!



Wade was lovingly fostered by Molly & Ted in Dover, FL.

Wonderful Wade was a Wonderful Addition to Marianna & James’ home. Their previous Schnauzer passed away in July and the house was just too quiet. Wade splits his time in half. He loves to go on walks with James around the neighborhood as he meets all the new neighbors. He then spends his time at home, following Marianna from room to room. Quite the Velcro Dag!


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