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Thursday, November 23, 2017


Chippy was lovingly fostered by Beth in Cooper City, FL.

Sweet Chippy was thrilled to meet his forever mom and dad, Lori and Steve of Lutz, FL. He was the perfect gentleman on the ride home, sleeping with his head on Lori’s lap. He loves going for walks in his new neighborhood and is enjoying all of the new smells. Lori & Steve are thrilled to have Chippy share their home. A big thank you to their daughter, Jennifer, a former SLR adopter who told them about sweet Chippy!


Ivy was lovingly fostered by Linda in Ocala, FL.

All of Ivy’s wishes came true. She wished for a forever family with another dog to have as a companion and playmate and for a fenced-in yard. Ivy got all of that and more when she met Amy & Ron of Port Orange, FL. Ivy is enjoying having a Miniature Schnauzer sister, Kiwi, to run around the backyard with and to take walks with. Amy states that Ivy is such a sweet dog. She listens well and loves to be with her forever family.



Missy was lovingly fostered by Deborah & Roger in Pawleys Island, SC

Miss Molly flew into Southwest FL days before a hurricane was to visit her new home. Molly packed up her doggie bag once again and traveled to a safer area of FL only to return to her new home with no AC so she moved to a friend’s house for a few days in order to have a cooler environment. Her new family, Marianne & Gerald, of Naples, FL, stated that she was such a good and patient traveler. Now Miss Molly just wants to relax and get to know her new home before any more expeditions! Thank you for once again adopting from SLR!


Louie was lovingly fostered by Carolyn & Kevin, in Orlando, FL.

Louie is living the good life with Kevin of Kissimmee, FL. Not only does he have a fenced-in backyard to run around in, he also has an older brother, Buddy, to run with. The boys became fast friends at their initial meeting. It seems these boys are destined to be ‘Best Buds’ for years to come. Thank you once again for adopting from SLR!



Kipper was lovingly fostered by Penny, in Winter Garden, FL.

Kipper did not have to travel too far to find his forever home. Clarice and Peter of Winter Garden were more than thrilled to welcome Kipper to their family. Gracie, their female Miniature Schnauzer, was also happy to have a companion once again. Kipper has a recurring ear infection that Peter & Clarice are taking care of. Watson bonded with Peter immediately and has become his shadow. Where Peter Goes – So Goes Watson!

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