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Wednesday, May 22, 2024


Gracie was loving fostered by Kathy and Karen, in Mt. Pleasant SC. 

Gracie was transported to Florida with a box full of toys, food, blankets, and winter jackets (no need for those in Fl).  Gracie found her forever home with David and Janet in Jacksonville.  They say she is a joy and a happy girl.  Watch out for your coffee or ice tea folks.  If left unattended, Grace will help herself and not even spill a drop.  Nothing better than a clean and neat Schnauzer. 




Max was fostered by Pam in Tennessee. 

He now has a great life in his forever home in St. Augustine, FL.  His new family has adopted several schnauzers from SLR in the past.  Max also has a new fur sister schnauzer named Schotzie. He hit the jackpot.




Gracie was lovingly fostered by Doreen & Septimus, in Palm Bay, FL.

Sweet, Sweet (11) year old Gracie found her forever home with Kathryn & Will of North Fort Myers, FL. Kathryn states how wonderful Gracie is on a leash and how much she loves her walks in her new neighborhood. Gracie is such a snuggle bug with her new mom. She adapted so quickly to her forever family. Gracie’s Motto: ‘Forever Young!’



Zeke was lovingly fostered by Kyle & Leslie in Simpsonville, SC.

Zeke was adopted by Dottie & Michael of Summerton, SC.  He is enjoying his new house on the lake with an acre fenced in yard to run.  Dottie states "So glad we have him, he's such a part of our life! I've had so many people tell me he's such a good dog! We just love him!!"  He has also started his traveling adventures with Dottie & Michael in visiting New Hampshire to meet family. So happy to be a part of Zeke's happy tail!


Mindy was lovingly fostered by Colleen, in Naples, FL.

Mindy didn’t have to travel too far from her foster’s home to meet her new mom, Sandy, also of Naples. Mindy hit the lottery with her forever family. She has Ralphie, a 6 year old brother, also an SLR dog, to run races in the house with. Mindy loves her toys and being chased around with them. Mindy is diabetic and receives her insulin shots twice a day. Sandy says it is very easy to administer and Mindy is just fine with it. Thank you for once again adopting from SLR!

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