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Wednesday, May 22, 2024


Pluto was lovingly fostered by Louise in Merritt Island, FL.

Pluto is one of the members of the ‘Fortunate 5’ that were turned over to SLR in need of a vetting, healthy food and a weight loss program. Pluto found his forever home with Mary & Charlie in Venice, FL. Pluto is enjoying his two mile walks a few times a day in order to shed those extra pounds. Charlie cannot believe that Pluto is 11 years old as he has so much energy! Pluto is one ‘Fortunate Dog!’ Thank you for adopting a Sensational Senior!


Sawyer was lovingly fostered by Molly & Ted in Dover, FL.

Sawyer found his forever home with Stacy & Stephen in Gainesville, FL. He was thrilled to meet his new brother, Chester, another Miniature Schnauzer. Stacy states that, ‘Sawyer walks very well on a leash and sleeps thru the night.’ We are happy that our Sweet Sawyer joined this pack. Thank you for adopting a Sensational Senior!


Toby was lovingly fostered by Terri in Valrico, FL.

Toby felt right at home when he met Patricia & Daniel of Ocala, FL. Patricia wanted a dog that would play with her other dog, Rocky. She got just that with Toby. The two dogs began to play immediately. He adjusted very quickly to his Forever Home. Toby is also playing with his toys and is sleeping thru the night. He even likes getting a bath!


Shira was lovingly fostered by Carolyn & Kevin in Orlando, FL.

Shira adapted quite quickly to country life with Kathie & Paul in Keystone Heights, FL. She is enjoying barking at the squirrels and loves to sit on her mom’s lap and smell the birds as they come to feed. Shira is totally blind and has limited hearing. She relies on her sense of smell and does it quite well. Her SLR brothers Anderson & Cowboy are quite protective of her. Kathie states that they are so exited to have Shira join the family. Thank you once again for adopting from SLR!


Stanley and Tippy were lovingly fostered by Beth & Kenny in Cooper City, FL.

Stanley & Tippy are members of the ‘Fortunate 5’ that were turned over to SLR in need of a vetting, healthy food and a weight loss program. The boys found their dream Forever Home with Elizabeth & John of Yulee, FL. They have their own backyard to run around in but still go for daily walks either in their neighborhood or to the beach. They love having John work from home most of the time. These two brothers sure are ‘Fortunate Dogs!’


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