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Wednesday, May 22, 2024


Ella Mae was fostered by Fran, but never made it to the website. She was adopted by Melissa  of Nashville, Tennessee on November 23, 2015. Ella Mae was an owner surrender, but has now found a great new home.



Our ‘Precious Betsy’ was lovingly fostered by Linda, in Ocala, FL.

Betsy found her happily ever after with Jessica and her mom, Carol, of Tampa. Betsy was thrilled to find her fur brother, George, waiting for her when she arrived home. George is happy to share his fenced-in-yard with his adorable sister. Betsy fell in love with her dad at first sight. When he is working at his desk, Betsy lays underneath the desk to be close to him. Carol says that ‘Betsy has such a gentle nature.’ Thank you once again for adopting from SLR! 



Avery was lovingly fostered by Bill & Robin, in Pensacola Beach, FL.

Avery is enjoying her forever home with Emily & Joe in Tavares, FL. She is great with their children and their other dog – a 50 lb. Vizsla. Even though Avery is outweighed by 30 lbs., she is holding her own as they run around their backyard together. Emily reports that Avery is a total sweetheart and very affectionate. So far only one flaw – she is a bed hog! Thank you for adopting from SLR once again!




Jasmine was lovingly fostered by Jennifer & Rob and their son, Brian, in Fleming Island, FL.

Jasmine was thrilled to meet her Forever Mom, Mary, of Jacksonville Beach. Jasmine is enjoying her daily walks on the beach with her mom’s dog walking group. She is walking 3 miles a day. She loves all the new smells that the beach has to offer. Jasmine will be attending classes to become a therapy dog. Upon graduation, she will be visiting Hospice Patients in the Jacksonville area. 


Our ‘Magnificent Mr. Noodles’ was fostered by Sybil in Gainesville, FL.

Mr. Noodles settled right in to his Forever Home with Pat of Palm Beach Gardens. He is enjoying his lanai as he has a ‘bark off’ with the dog next door. He is hoping that his barking will also chase those pesky squirrels and ducks off of his lawn. Pat says that Mr. Newman loves his daily walks and hasn’t met a dog or its human that he hasn’t liked.

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