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Saturday, February 24, 2024


Tripp, lovingly fostered by Michelle in Indian Springs, AL, got the best Christmas present when he was adopted by Jeremy and Ginny. They said they loved Tripp’s smile the minute they saw him on SLR’s website. Tripp, on the other hand, knew that they were his mom and dad forever, and greeted them with tail wags and loves.

Life wasn’t always smiles and tail wags for Tripp. He is what rescue is all about. When he came into rescue as a stray, he was a mess. Our rescue vet diagnosed him with a lot of problems, any one of which was bad, but all together, would take a lot of time, effort, and fundraising to make Tripp’s road easy. Scabies made his coat and skin a scaly mess. Normally, our vets treat this with heartworm medication. BUT...he was heartworm positive, and his blood tests showed that there were a lot of those little critters in his heart. Added to this, in his wanderings, someone shot him in the hind leg, and the scar tissue and old fracture were so bad he had to have his leg amputated.

So began Tripp’s trip back to health. Our vets in Mobile, AL treated his scabies and amputated his leg. Once he was out of quarantine, he was transported to Birmingham, AL, where our vet began his heartworm treatments.   Always dangerous for dogs, Tripp developed a complication during his heartworm treatment, and ended up back at the vet for a couple days. After that, it was smooth sailing. 

His foster mom fell in love with his soulful eyes in his first picture. What she didn’t know was that underneath that soulful expression was the heart of a stinker! He very quickly showed her how little he’d gotten to play when he was young. Toys with squeakers became shredded while he gleefully wagged his tail at her. He Roo-Rooed for supper – and sometimes, at 5 am for breakfast.   Bit by bit, his impish and sweet personality began to come out. When he went to his forever home, he’d begun to play with the resident schnauzer, give spontaneous kisses to the two-footed child , and poke Michelle with his nose when it was time to play.

Tripp’s trip is the reason SLR exists. It is the reason that everyone involved – foster parents, home visitors, phone interviewers, web masters, and monetary donors too numerous to mention – volunteer. Tripp is truly, a happy tail!



Lolli was lovingly fostered by Carolyn & Kevin in Orlando, FL. they kept her for a few months to get her healthy before taking the drive south to her new forever home with Arlene in Wellington, FL. She now lives in a lovely big house with a huge yard and a mommy and grandmommy who adore her. Arlene takes her for walks to see the other doggies and horses in her new neighborhood and also to play in the local doggie park. Lolli walked into her new house like she owned it and hardly looked back. Her foster parents and brothers miss her, but are so happy for her knowing she has a great life.  



Belle now Lily was lovingly fostered in Tampa Florida by Tara and Scott with the help of their mini schnauzer Maggie B. Sweet little Lily's dreams came true the night Lori and Doug came to visit her. She was adopted by Lori Troutman of Saint Petersburg, Fl that very weekend and as the story goes, they lived happily ever after.

It's been reported you can spot Lily around Saint Pete at the coffee shop or enjoying an outdoor movie with her furever mom Lori and boyfriend Doug. Life is good!



Jackson was lovingly fostered by Carolyn & Kevin in Orlando, FL, but when Carolyn needed surgery, he was transferred to another foster home. Nancy in Satellite Beach had Jackson for three months as he too needed surgery and she did an amazing job nursing him back to health. While recooperating, Carolyn realized she missed him terribly as did Kevin and their dog Mack, so when Jackson was ready to go, they adopted him.He is now back where he belongs. 



Trooper was fostered by Jennifer until he was adopted by Gabe and Sarah.  Looks like there will be nothing but happy days ahead for him.



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