Thursday, October 21, 2021



Presley was fostered by Becky in Birmingham, AL. Presley is a petite Princess who came to SLR from a very rough life. She was emaciated, had a UTI, eye infection, rotten teeth, and an unset broken leg, among several other maladies. It didn’t take long for her to bounce back after two surgeries, several antibiotics, and a much-needed dental. She quickly learned how to be a happy lap dog with a full tummy. She was adopted by Phyllis of Magnolia, MS and now calls a 76-acre farm home! Phyllis and Presley fell in love immediately, and Presley is enjoying living “the good life.” Congrats, Phyllis and Presley!


Sydney was fostered by Becky in Birmingham, AL. He was adopted by Ines, also of Birmingham. Ines’ only child will be going to college in the fall, so she began preparing for empty nest syndrome several months ago. She had never had a dog, but was eager to begin the wonderful experience of being owned by a Miniature Schnauzer! Inez works from home, so Sydney has it made in the shade and get belly rubs any time of day. Congratulations, Ines and Sydney!


Lacy was fostered by Matt Hallman and Daniel Bracken in Odenville, Alabama.  Lacy was adopted by James and Kim Sargent. Lacy now has a brother Hans and 4 two legged siblings to play with.  Lacy did not move far from her foster parents.  She moved right down the road to Moody, Alabama.  Lacy was a perfect fit for the Sargent family.  She is now showered with Love and treated like a true Princess.  Good Luck to Lacy and congratulations to the Sargent's on their new addition to their family.



Jasper was fostered by Matt Hallman and Daniel Bracken in Odenville, Alabama.

Jasper was adopted by Jeff Carter from Philadelphia, MS.  Jasper will rule the roost in his new home.  He will enjoy daily walks and playtime from Jeff's father while Jeff is at work, so he is one lucky dog to get so much attention.  Jeff and Jasper have made fast acquaintances and will have many happy years ahead of them.  Jasper hit the jackpot when he became a part of Jeff's family!



Joey was fostered by Jennifer Ridley in Morristown TN.  Since being adopted by Jordan and Mark , Joey is living the good life in Madison, TN. He also has a new fur brother Bruschi (aka Boo). Happy Tails for this sweet family!

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