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Monday, March 20, 2023



Little Bogie was adopted on June  27th by Reed in the Birmingham area.  Bogie, who is only about 14 lbs, has a new fur brother about his age, who is a a Lab/Dalmatian mix.  Reed reports that the two boys met, sniffed each other and both went to opposite ends of the room. 

When Bogie met his new Dad yesterday, he was happy to see that Reed had treats for him...definitely the way to get to Bogie’s heart!

Happy tails to you, Bogie!



Our ‘Marvelous Marsiano’ was graciously fostered by Donna, in Tampa, FL.

Marsiano came to SLR as an owner turn in. He was overjoyed when he met his Forever Family, Laura and Roger of Coconut Creek, FL. When arriving home, he was thrilled to meet his fur brother, Alphie, another male Miniature Schnauzer. They are enjoying running around in the backyard together. Marsiano became quite spoiled right from the start. He quickly discovered the basket of dog toys. He actually picked up the entire basket to bring into the family room. He removed each toy – one by one. Alphie and Ziggy are enjoying playing with their toys together. 



Izzy was fostered by the launch team of Bridget and Steve Griffin in Titusville, FL. Izzy started her launch preps as a very timid, shy little girl. She adapted quickly to her loving surroundings. As Launch Day approached, she developed a successful integration to Joy and Ed of Melbourne, Florida, as well as their older mini schnauzer, Mollie. Izzy (sitting in photo) quickly found the well-stocked toy box in her fur-ever home. Izzy has a curious hobby and will be gathering these toys (as well as any unattended lap blankets or wristwatches) to place in her “collection”. Another successful Launch from the Space Coast!


Donna and Arlis adopted Polly on June 15th.    Here is what Donna said about their new girl.

“Polly was a miracle and a gift to us.We were feeling pretty low as were our schnauzer boys, Zack and Isaac.  We had lost their sisters schnauzers, Hillary and Maggie, this year to cancer. Maggie was also a rescue as are Zack and Isaac. Polly was a little nervous, at first, but warmed up quickly and is now part of the pack and our family.  She loves running around the grassy back yard, sleeps with everyone on the bed and naps with her brothers on the couch during the day. We are grateful to Schnauzer Love Rescue to have the opportunity to have such a special little girl.”


Gabby was lovingly fostered by Tori in Sunter, SC.

She was adopted by Susan and Edward in Fort Mill, South Carolina. She will have a new sister named McKenzie, a rat terrier, in her her home. Looks like its blue skies ahead for Gabby.

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