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Sunday, June 16, 2024



Our ‘Sweet Sloan’ was lovingly fostered by LJ, in Anthony, FL.

Sloan quickly felt right at home with her new family, Carolyn & Patrick of Palm Coast, FL. She was thrilled to meet her new fur brother, Riley, a 2 ½ year old, rescued Schnauzer Mix.  Sloan is cat friendly so she is also getting to know the feline in her forever home. Sloan’s name was changed to Gracie due to her beautiful silver coloring and regal bearing – Grace of Monaco. 


Sasha, our ‘Sunshine Schnauzer,’ was fostered by Debra, in Altamonte Springs, FL.

Sasha is a 10 year old Sensational Senior. She is a stunning lady with a beautiful, silver coat. Her forever parents, Joan & Steven of Sebastian, noticed this right away. Sasha’s adoption day was made even more special because her human brother, Timothy, was home on leave from the Army, and was able to spend some quality time with Sasha. We salute this wonderful family for giving Sasha such a fantastic forever home, where all of her needs will be met!



Abbey, who was being fostered by Kim in Georgia, was adopted by Elizabeth and her husband in the north Georgia mountains.   Elizabeth reported tonight that Abbey is the sweetest dog and really well behaved. She said she is also really smart, knows how to open the screen door to come in the house when she is finished in the back yard. She said Abbey is far more special than she ever expected to get, and has definitely made herself at home in her forever home with Elizabeth, her husband, and fur brother Jasper.

Happy Tails to you, sweet Abbey.


Our ‘Marvelous Macy’ was lovingly fostered by Doug & Ashley, in Orlando, FL.

Fireworks went off a day early for Macy when she celebrated her adoption with Kelly of Tampa, FL. Macy is enjoying her forever home with Kelly and her new fur sister, Molly. Macy was thrilled to learn how beautiful the beach was as she took a stroll for the first time with her new mom and new fur sister. The family is looking forward to many sandy walks on the beach!


Our ‘Regal Rosie’ was lovingly fostered by Kathy in Seminole, FL.

Once Rosie was formally adopted by Marianne & Gerald of Naples, FL, the first thing she did was go shopping with her new family and her foster mom. Her mom and dad bought her everything new that she will need for her forever home. Rosie settled right in to her new surroundings. She made sure to let the vacuum cleaner know who the alpha was in the house! Rosie is definitely a princess as she decides whose lap she will sit on during various times of the day.

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