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Wednesday, May 22, 2024


Missy was lovingly fostered by Tracy in Port St. Lucy, FL.

Missy found her Forever Home with Melinda & Jon of Sarasota, FL. Missy was thrilled that she would be sharing her home with ‘Cooper’ another rescue dog. Cooper was not so sure as he had been an only dog for quite some time. After some patience and love by Melinda & Jon, Cooper remembered what it was like to be rescued. He and Missy are now sharing and getting along great while playing tug-of-war with a toy. Thank you Cooper for sharing your mom and dad!


Ray-Ray was lovingly fostered by Mary, in Jacksonville, FL.

Ray-Ray won the gold medal when she met Nancy of St. Petersburg, FL. Ray-Ray hadn’t even been with her mom for 48 hours, and they were already participating in the ‘3 Mile Dog Walk’ sponsored by the SPCA. Ray-Ray received many free gifts and made a lot of new freinds at the Dog Walk. Nancy said that Ray-Ray loves her baths, other dogs, and all people she meets! They will be walking every morning for 1.2 miles to keep in shape. On many days, Ray-Ray will be going to work with her mom, as they have a Doggie Day Care at her company. Ray-Ray and Nancy are definitely ‘Talking the Talk’ and ‘Walking the Walk!’


DJ was fostered by Angela Graul in Bristol, TN. He was a little on the large size being for a schnauzer but sweet as sugar.He will enjoy a lifetime of being spoiled by his new mom, Zoie. Happy tails for sweet DJ!



Belle was fostered by Angela Graul in Bristol, TN.  She is a very outgoing dog that never met a strange so it was clear she would have no trouble find a forever home being cute and friendly.She will enjoy a lifetime of being spoiled by her new parents, Laura (holding Belle) and Tom. She also has two new fur siblings. Happy tails to Belle!


Shirley, now Sydney, was lovingly fostered by John & Lisa in Lakeland, Florida until her adoption on Oct. 3rd.

Poor Sydney found herself coming into rescue when her owner passed away.  She still longed for the love and companionship  from a forever family.  Then the call came!!  Sydney thinks it was love at first sight for her and Jan.  As soon as Jan saw her she couldn't stop loving her and telling her what a beautiful girl she is.  It was music to Sydney's ears and it wasn't long before she was enjoying lap time with Scott. 

Jan and Scott have the constant companion that they wanted and Sydney will be an only furbaby getting all the love and attention she so deserves. Happy new life Sydney!!!

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