Saturday, April 20, 2024



Our ‘Precious Princess,’ was fostered by Jennifer & David, in Melbourne, FL.

This wonderful SLR Family, was asked to foster Princess, as she needed to receive medical treatment from the vet who knew her history. This family had adopted from SLR twice before. While helping Princess thru her medical issues, the entire family fell in love with her. Three sons – Three dogs – Doesn’t get much better than that! SLR Dogs, from left to right. Breyer, Tati, Princess. 



Our ‘Loveable Luna,’ was fostered by Donna, in Venice, FL.

Caroline, of St. James City, feels that Luna (Addy) has always been a part of her pack. From the very first day, she fit right in with her two fur sisters and slept thru the night. Addy loves going for her walks each day and also having a backyard to run around and chase her sisters in. Instead of a duo, Caroline now has a trio – ‘We are family . . . I have all my sisters with me!’



Our ‘Marvelous Max’ was lovingly fostered by Jason, in Deland, FL.

Max couldn’t wait to meet Marti & Jim of Largo, FL. After experiencing the feeling of being abandoned, Max learned the wonderful feeling of being claimed by a family that will love him for years to come. Max is enjoying his own backyard to run in and his own squeaky toys to play with. When he decides to come into his home, his mom is always there to greet him. Max’s tail is always wagging, as he knows the true meaning of a Forever Family.


BB was lovingly fostered by Penny, in Winter Garden, FL.

This little 8.5 lb angel charms everyone that she meets. BB easily charmed her way into the hearts of Terry and his wife, Terry, of Deland, FL. BB is enjoying her walks and being spoiled by everyone in the household. BB bonded with all members of the family within 24 hrs. It took BB one day to understand which door her human sister goes in and out of when leaving the house for work. BB jumps on the bench near the door at 5:30 each day to wait for the return of Jess! Foster Mom Penny is thrilled to be less than an hour way so she can stop in for that occasional BB visit!




Piper was lovingly fostered by Bill and Robin in Pensacola Beach, FL.

Nicole and Erik of Gulf Breeze, are delighted to have added Piper to their Forever Family. It took Piper all of 5 minutes to become a member of the family. There was basically no transition period. Once she learned she had a beautiful backyard to go to, she would stand at the door to signal she needed some fresh air. She is enjoying her couch time with both mom and day and her human brother. Nicole states that, ‘Piper is the most adorable, snuggliest puppy I have ever met. She is a perfect fit for our family.'

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