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Monday, July 22, 2024


Shilo was lovingly fostered by David, in The Villages, FL.

Joanie & Gavin of Saint Cloud, are thrilled to have added Shilo to their Forever Family. After just a few days, Chloe settled right in with her new family. She is enjoying her daily walks with her mom and loves to chase the birds away as she explores her neighborhood. Chloe also has a lovely backyard to roam in and make new discoveries. She’s curious about the lizards, but doesn’t try to chase them. Chloe loves being the center of attention with her mom and dad and that is just fine with them!



Our ‘Sweet Summer’ was lovingly fostered by Betty & Bob in Tallahassee, FL.

Summer was very excited when she met her Forever Family, Genny & Enrique of Pembroke Pines, FL. It was love at first sight for all. However, when Summer met her new fur brother, Penguin, another Miniature Schnauzer, she knew she had met her best friend. The two dogs immediately bonded. On their first walk together, Enrique had one dog on the left of him and one dog on the right. Summer quickly moved over next to Penguin so they could walk side-by-side. Enrique states it was a ‘match made in heaven!'



Our ‘Princess Pepper’ was fostered by Challice, in St. Johns, FL.

Eleven years old ‘Princess Pepper’ certainly found her new castle when she was adopted by Pat and Linda of Titusville, FL. She naps on a satin pillow during the day and sleeps with her ‘wrapped in love’ heart blanket at night. She was delighted to find her new fur brother, Brewster the Bichon, waiting for her when she arrived home. He is being quite the Prince as he escorts her around the royal backyard and shares all the great spots with her. Pat describes Pepper as the ‘sweetest thing ever.’ Happy Tails to another Sensational Senior! 


Our ‘Loveable Lucy,’ was fostered by Linda, in Ocala, FL. Our ‘Energetic Ethel,’ was fostered by Kathy, in Seminole, FL.

This 11 year-old bonded pair came into SLR when their owner suddenly passed away. This dynamic duo had to be separated for a few weeks with different fosters until their Forever Family found them.

Monica, of Altamonte Springs, was just that perfect mom. Lucy was adopted first and then Monica & Lucy went to pick up Ethel. When Ethel saw Lucy, she immediately ran to her. This dynamic duo was again reunited. Not only do these ladies have Monica to love them, they also are fortunate enough to spend each day at doggie day care with grandma & grandpa at their home while Monica is working. A Happy Tail to our sensational seniors, Lucy & Ethel!


Boo-Boo & Bam-Bam were adoringly fostered by Mary Johnstone, in Jacksonville, FL.

It was truly love at first sight when Boo-Boo (now Beau) and Bam-Bam (now Bambino) met Dolly & Sam of Satellite Beach. These two brothers are enjoying their forever home as they choose whose lap they will be sitting on for lots of love and attention. When Dolly leaves the house, the boys will stand at the front door waiting for her to return. The brothers have had to let the pool vacuum cleaner know who the bosses are when it is cleaning the tile on the pool. Thank you once again for adopting from SLR!

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