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Sunday, March 29, 2020



Our ‘Handsome Hank’ was lovingly fostered by Tracy, in Port St. Lucie, FL.

Mr. Hank found his forever home when he met Julie & Mark of Jacksonville. When Hank arrived home, he was pleasantly surprised to meet his new Poodle Sister, Holly. Hank and Holly are enjoying their speed runs in the house and in their fenced-in yard. They also enjoy their daily walks with their mom and dad. Julie states that Hank is a ‘perfect match’ for their family. Mr. Hank is thrilled that he chose Julie & Mark for his forever home



Opie lived with his Dad in Lebanon,TN. Opie's Dad reluctantly surrendered Opie to his Aunt Christie in GA due to health issues and not being able to care for him any longer.  Aunt Christy fostered Opie until a forever home was found for Opie with Celeste and Warren in Murfreesboro, TN. Opie joined his new furever home on 02/28/2015.  He has 4 mini schnauzer sisters who he fits right in with!  He is the King of the house now and loved so very much by his new mommy and daddy.



Pepper was fostered by Jennifer Ridley in Morristown, TN. He will enjoy a lifetime of being loved and spoiled by his new mom and dad, Marianne and Dale.  What a sweet family! Happy tails!


Our ‘Playful Breyer’ was graciously fostered by Jill, in Melbourne, FL.

Breyer knew he found his Forever Family, when he met Jennifer & David and their (3) sons. Jennifer states that they never expected to receive the amount of joy Breyer has given to their family.   Their youngest son races home each day to play his favorite game with him- ‘catch the red laser’, which he can never do!  He pounces, barks, and tries to bite it.  If anyone picks up the laser pointer, he is ready to play. Breyer also likes to play soccer, batting at the soccer ball and trying to bite it. Each evening Breyer and his mom enjoy a walk around the block before turning in for the night.

Breyer insists on going with Jennifer every morning to take the boys to school.   He will NOT be left behind.  Jennifer states that although Breyer is 10 years old, he acts half that age!  With his playing, and love, Jennifer states they could not have asked for a better, more loving dog. Needless to say, Breyer has the entire family wrapped around his little paw.  The family is thankful everyday that Breyer came into their lives.



Janelle was fostered by Jennifer in Tennessee,  Now she has found her forever home with Millie and will be living with her in Covington, Tennessee,  Looks like just happy days ahead for Janelle. 


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