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Sunday, March 29, 2020


Our ‘Little Miss Muffin’ was lovingly fostered by Challice Studt in St. John’s, FL

As you can see, Muffin has natural ears - and boy are they natural! When she is cold, the insides are white, but when she is warm and cozy, they turn bright pink. She loves her hugs and kisses. Muffin met her Forever Family - Roland and Diana Hipsley on January 24th. Muffin loves to ride in a car - that’s a good thing as she will be spending some of her time traveling in her motor home with her mom and dad!  Thank you to the Hipsley’s for once again rescuing a miniature schnauzer from our organization. 



His new mom is Lu. She works from home and he will be an only child. She is planning to take him to Brazil on vacation next year when she visits her family there.  Lu's mom is visiting now, and Max seems to love all the attention.

Max jumped in her car to leave so you can see him ready to travel to his new home in his Happy Tail picture.

We heard Max is settled in nicely and snoozing on his mom's lap. He will be allowed to sleep in the bed, so he is going to love his new home!



Molly now Holly was adopted by MArgo and has gone from country dog to city dog in the past weeks, but she still loves chasing squirrels every chance she gets. Her days are spent playing fetch, going on walks and lounging on the couch (and one her new mom's bed when she is not looking). Everyone she meets is amazed at how calm she is and wants to take her home with them but no, her mom is not letting her go anywhere!



Meet my new family. I will call them mom and dad but they are also called Daniel and Sarah! I also have a brother schnauzer just a couple months older than me.

I have been living in Alabama with my foster parents but now i will be living in Tennessee. My new parents drove a long way for me cause i am such a good boy. I am so excited to have my own furever home! I am one lucky boy!



Duke and Prince were fostered   You can tell by the by Dennis and Pat in Conyers, GA. They are 2 of the gentlest babies I have ever seen. They will be missed, but Lynn Hollis fell in love with them and took them to live with her where they can be together...twice the love. You can see by the look on her face...perfect match.

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