Thursday, October 21, 2021


Tilly was lovingly fostered by Carolyn & Kevin in Orlando, FL. She is now having a grand time with 4 new brothers, mom Tristan and dad David in Dade City Florida. She enjoyed having fur foster brothers, but that was before she meet her human brothers. She immediately climbed into their laps and made herself at home. Tilly now enjoys watching the chickens in the yard, playing with the boys and snuggling with her new mom. She is a little pricess in a home full of boys and that is just how she likes it!


Our ‘Magnificent Mattie’ was lovingly fostered by Donna Kirk in Venice, FL

Mattie met her Forever Family – Carolyn and Richard on February 14th. She was the perfect sweetheart for them on Valentine’s Day. Mattie loves her new home where she is exploring her fenced in yard. She loved meeting the Moore’s grandchildren and giving them warm, soft kisses. Mr. & Mrs. Moore think Mattie is the perfect fit for their family!    


Our ‘Marvelous Marley’ was lovingly fostered by L J Guest, in Anthony, FL.

Our Energizer Bunny, ‘Marley,’ met her Forever Family – CarolAnne & Dean on February 7th. She is enjoying her fenced-in yard, where she is learning to play Frisbee with the Olsen’s two sons. Marley will also have a seven-month old rescued cat to keep her company. Yes – Marley and ‘Jinx’ get along very well! Marley is very well mannered – No begging during the family’s dinnertime - she quietly lies on the carpet! Marley even got a chance to meet Grandma!


Our ‘Handsome Herbie’ was lovingly fostered by Terri Schneider, in Valrico, FL.

Herbie scored a Hole-In-One when he met his Forever Family, Brianne, on February 14th. Brianne is a Golf Pro who owns Murphy’s Golf Academy & Events. Herbie and Brianne spent their first Valentine’s Day together watching a movie as he snuggled next to her on the couch. Brianne says it was love at first sight when she saw ‘Herbie the Love Bug!”


Our ‘Bodacious Bear’ was graciously fostered by David Brannan, in Jacksonville, FL.

As you can see, ‘Bear’ is a handsome black Schnauzer. ‘Bear’ met his Forever Family, Jan, on February 8th. He, and his Miniature Schnauzer sister, Lyza are becoming good friends. Bear loves to ride in a car, which is a good thing, as he will be spending his summers traveling in his motor home with his mom and sister!  Thank you to Jan for once again rescuing a Miniature Schnauzer from our organization. 

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