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Monday, July 26, 2021


Holly was lovingly fostered by Kevin in FL.

Sweet Holly found her happily ever after with Nancy & Russell. Russell states that Holly settled in to her forever home and is dong just great. She loves her short walks and is enjoying having grandma and her dog visit for the winter.


Rosie was lovingly fostered by Lisa & John in FL.

Everything is coming up roses for little Rosie! She made herself right at home with Robin & Stephen and their Schnauzer, Bonnie. Rosie is enjoying her belly rubs and lying on the top of the couch to watch tv with the family. She and Bonnie are enjoying their walks together as they try to catch lizards. Rosie knows exactly which home is hers as she turns into the driveway at the end of their walk!  Happy, Smart Schnauzer!


Ricky was lovingly fostered by Linda in FL.

Three children – Three dogs – Life is good for Shauna & Anthony.

Shauna states that Ricky fit right into the pack and it feels like he has always been a part of the family. When not doing speed runs with Daisy, he can be found with one of the children – helping with homework or snuggling while taking a nap.


Pepper was lovingly fostered by Kathryn in FL.

Pepper is enjoying all the attention she is receiving from Amy and Richard. She loves to snuggle as she watches TV with them. Pepper gets very excited for her walks and will howl when she sees the leash come out. Amy states that, Pepper is very smart and such a delight to have as a member of the family.


Nelson, a beautiful 2.5 year old mini met and went with his forever parents to Nashville today!  They are young and energetic and will take him on walks, to dog parks and maybe running with dad.

Congratulations to Megan and Chadwick!

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