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Sunday, June 16, 2024


Odie was lovingly fostered by Donna in FL.

When Odie was brought into SLR, he was very fearful. You could not touch him, let alone pick him up. After months of being given time and shown love by his foster mom, Odie now enjoys being hugged and picked up. He even helps you to harness him for his walks.  He loves being near Donna, now his forever mom, playing with all of his toys and running in his backyard with his Schnauzer Sister, Sophie. Once again, the power of love and patience prevails.


Diesel was lovingly fostered by Kathryn in FL.

Dashing Diesel didn’t have to go far to find his forever home. Kathryn had been waiting for a sociable dog who would like to travel in the car with her and meet new people when she volunteers.  Diesel fit the description perfectly. Kathryn’s son also adores him. Kathryn states that, ‘Diesel is a real jewel!’ Diesel definitely found a wonderful forever family.


Bridget was lovingly fostered by Nancy in FL.

Bridget is enjoying her forever home with Judy & Steve. She is getting so much exercise as she learns to play fetch in her backyard. Now if she would just bring the toy back once she has it!  Bridget helps her dad in the garage during the day and greets all the neighbors as they walk by. Judy stated that she is so well trained on a leash. Bridget adapted quite quickly to her forever home. 


Dobie was lovingly fostered by Molly & Ted in FL.


Dobie is living the good life with Gail, Joe and SLR Lucky. This (9) year old sweet boy loves lying on the couch on his blanket next to Gail for quiet time. The two boys walk side-by-side at the same pace when on their walks in the neighborhood. Gail states that Dobie is a wonderful addition to their family - He and Lucky are like ‘two peas in a pod.’ 



Kiko was lovingly fostered by Kathy in FL.

Kiko’s life changed the day SLR was called to rescue a dog who was in great distress. Thanks to a wonderful team who rushed her to the emergency vet then to a regular vet to monitor her for a few more days, Kiko was ready for her foster mom to take over.

Kiko’s life changed again when she met Diana and her mom at their FL home. After 10 years of hardship, Jessie is now living the life she so deserved and loves her two MS brothers, Nicky & Frankie (SLR) who've taught her how and when to bark (security patrol). She follows Diana from room to room. Diana states that ‘Jessie is the star of the family. Everyone loves her and will make sure her every need is always taken care of. The power of love!

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