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Sunday, April 21, 2019


Oliver was affectionately fostered by Bridget and Steve in Titusville, FL.
The story of ‘Oliver the Dog’ has a joyful ending like the Charles Dickens’ story of Oliver the Orphan. In the story’s end, Oliver Twist is happily adopted. Similarly, good fortune smiled on ‘Oliver the Dog.’ The answer to ‘Where is Love?’ is with Samantha and Kevin! Their reaction: ‘We hit the lottery with Oliver - he has completed our family!’ Oliver is loving his new life, running and playing with endless puppy energy. Thank you for adopting from SLR and writing a happy ending to Oliver’s story


Jester was lovingly fostered by Linda in Ocala, FL.

Jessie is thrilled to be in his forever home with Judy, Everett and their SLR dog, Tigger. The (2) boys are getting along just great. Tigger is thrilled to have a younger brother to share his toys with. Jessie just dumps the whole basket on the floor so they have many to choose from. He loves his walks in the neighborhood but really loves snuggling on the couch with Judy.


Captain was lovingly fostered by Nancy & Edwin in Titusville, FL.

Captain moved right into an entire SLR Family. Allison and David’s family all have an SLR dog. David’s parents have Milo and his sister has Sophie. Allison said Captain has already met everyone in the family and everyone is getting along just wonderfully. Their young children love Captain and he is so great with them. The neighbors all welcomed him to the neighborhood. Captain is enjoying his treats as he learns some basic commands. Smooth sailing ahead for Captain!


Frankie was lovingly fostered by David in The Villages, FL.

Frankie loves his Forever Home with Jenny & Stephen. They are so excited to once again have an SLR dog as part of their family. Frankie is such a sweet dog – he even likes the little rescued bunny rabbit that shares his home with him.  He enjoys his walks in the neighborhood with all of the new smells. Thank you for adopting from SLR once again!



Louie was lovingly fostered by both Bridget and Steve in Titusville, FL and by Carolyn and Kevin in Orlando, FL.

What’s better than being reunited with your buddy! Bella and Louie joined the SLR family in early April but went to separate foster homes. The stars aligned when Donielle and Joe opened their loving home to adopt BOTH dogs! Bella and Louie are reunited and now have a big sister, Stella (center in photo). Stella is sharing her toys, introducing Bella (left) and Louie (right) to weekends at the beach, and cheering Bella in her quest for lizards. Thank you for adopting from SLR and facilitating this joyful reunion! 

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