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Sunday, April 21, 2019


Sophie was lovingly fostered by Sarah in Ponte Vedra, FL

Sweet Sophie found her Forever Family with Jenny & Eric where she is treated like a princess. Eric built a ‘Princess Pad’ for Sophie to enjoy while Jenny works in her home office. Sophie loves going for walks in the neighborhood and is a friend to everyone she meets. She also gets strapped into her pooch pouch so she can join the family on their bicycle rides. Sophie’s very favorite thing to do though is to give kisses from morning to night.



Rhomo was lovingly fostered by Terri in Valrico, FL.

Rhomo is definitely a star with his Forever Family - Britton, Steve, their young son and their Miniature Schnauzer, Higgins. The ‘boys’ bonded very quickly. When they went to the groomer together for the first time, Higgins refused to be separated from Rhomo - Big Brother taking care of the younger one! Britton & Steve love his name as they are Dallas Cowboy Fans. It was meant to be!



Stewart was lovingly fostered by Mary in Jacksonville, FL.
Stewart was thrilled to meet his Forever Family, Sheila & Ron. He was even more thrilled to find out that he would have two Miniature Schnauzer Brothers – Cole & Cody - to play with. The three boys are all getting along great as they run around the house and go for long walks! “Three’s Company Too!”



Mary was lovingly fostered by Pamela in Tennessee.

Now she has a new wonderful home where she will live like a queen.  Here she is pictured with her new mom and dad and the prediction is that they will all live happily ever after!



Abby lovingly fostered by Kim Thompson in Nashville, TN.

Snuggle bug Abby has found her happily ever after family with the Powell's. She is pictured with her new dad. Now this sweet girl will spend many good years on long walks and enjoy endless hours of snuggles! Way to go, Abby.

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