Saturday, April 20, 2024


Pepper was lovingly fostered by Kathryn in FL.

Pepper is enjoying all the attention she is receiving from Amy and Richard. She loves to snuggle as she watches TV with them. Pepper gets very excited for her walks and will howl when she sees the leash come out. Amy states that, Pepper is very smart and such a delight to have as a member of the family.


Nelson, a beautiful 2.5 year old mini met and went with his forever parents to Nashville today!  They are young and energetic and will take him on walks, to dog parks and maybe running with dad.

Congratulations to Megan and Chadwick!


Georgie was lovingly fostered by April & Susan in FL.

‘Little Ricky’ is glad that ‘Georgie Girl’ has joined his pack even though she finds all of his hiding places for his bones and toys. The two enjoy going to work every day with Judy & Dave. They have an entire office to themselves to run and play. After a hard day at work, they enjoy going home to run and play some more!




Sage was lovingly fostered by Donna in FL.

Jennifer & Dave state that, “Sage is perfect for our family.” She is very affectionate and a true sweetheart. She likes to carry her toys around and will greet you with a ‘hello bark’ when you arrive home.  Sage and her Schnauzer brother Cody are enjoying chasing each other around the house. She loves her mom and (3) human brothers but at the end of the day, her favorite spot is sitting and snuggling with her dad.


Toby was lovingly fostered by Beth & Kenny in FL.

13 ½ year old Toby is living the good life with Karin, Gerald and SLR Miniature Schnauzer Sister, Marley. He is still a little shy at times but is enjoying his new family. He mastered the doggie door very quickly. He and Marley enjoy their outdoor time together. Karin states that ‘Toby is a real sweetheart.’ Thank you for adopting this handsome, sweet senior!


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