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Sunday, June 16, 2024


Lexi was lovingly fostered by Bridget and Steve in Titusville, FL.

Fred and Debi are overjoyed to open their forever home to Lexi. Although Lexi’s vocabulary is limited, her “lexicon” includes the important words: Snuggle and Belly Rub! Fred and Debi are easy to train and have mastered these 2 commands. Lexi is living the good life with lively walks, a plethora of new toys, and lots of love!

Thank you for adopting from SLR and giving Lexi a happy, loving home!



Ivy was lovingly fostered by Lisa & John in FL.

Ivy is living the good life in her forever home with Jacquie and SLR Watson. Ivy is playing with toys – well takes them and runs with them. She is enjoying having a fenced-in yard as she checks out the perimeter each time she goes out. Watson is thrilled to have a new sister to hang with and Jacquie is thrilled to have a dog that likes to snuggle.



Finn was lovingly fostered by Bridget and Steve in FL.

Peter and Clarice are thrilled to welcome Finn: “Purveyor of Fine Textiles”. That’s right, Finn favors fabric… and provides assistance changing bed linens, folding laundry, and finding lost socks (or losing found socks!) He is also a personal trainer for the Finn Fitness Program: 20,000 steps/day! Finn brings much joy and puppy playfulness to his new home and even brother Watson is enchanted by Finn’s lively spirit. Thank you for adopting from SLR and giving Finn a happy, loving home!


Woody was lovingly fostered by Kevin in FL.

Woody is living the beach life with Linda & Tom. It took him all of one day to become acclimated (and spoiled) in his forever home. He is enjoying all the new smells in his neighborhood and meeting the new neighbors. He loves all of the snuggle time that he is getting with both mom and dad. He has definitely brought much joy to his forever home.



Guthrie was lovingly fostered by Lori & Doug in FL.

Guthrie decided he was having such a good time in his foster home, that he decided to make it permanent. He loves being with his Schnauzer sister, Lily, as they roam the backyard together. He enjoys his daily walks in the neighborhood and being able to snuggle with Lori & Doug at the end of the day.

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