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Sunday, January 17, 2021


Roscoe was lovingly fostered by Joy & Ed in FL.

 After Roscoe had his cataract surgery, he was singing, ‘I can see clearly now – the rain is gone … Gone are the dark clouds that had me blind.’ After Roscoe was adopted by Susan & Paul in GA, he continued the song – ‘Here is the rainbow I’ve been praying for – it’s going to be a bright, bright sunshiny day, for ME!’ Roscoe very quickly bonded with his two Miniature Schnauzer bothers Francis and Louie and is enjoying meeting EVERYONE in town – He has actually become quite famous for his song! Thank you again for adopting our little diabetic boy!


Bella was lovingly fostered by Jamie in FL.

11 year old Bella’s life has certainly changed since she was rescued by SLR from a shelter. She was loved and spoiled by her foster mom and is now being loved and spoiled by her forever mom, Neva. Although Bella is mostly blind and deaf, she  maneuvers around her forever home quite well. She knows where her food & water bowls are, sleeps thru the night and looks at you when you whistle or cough. Bella is enjoying her golf cart rides as she meets all her new neighbors. Bella may be mostly blind and deaf but she can certainly feel the love!


Finn was lovingly fostered by Bridget and Steve in FL.

Peter and Clarice are thrilled to welcome Finn: “Purveyor of Fine Textiles”. That’s right, Finn favors fabric… and provides assistance changing bed linens, folding laundry, and finding lost socks (or losing found socks!) He is also a personal trainer for the Finn Fitness Program: 20,000 steps/day! Finn brings much joy and puppy playfulness to his new home and even brother Watson is enchanted by Finn’s lively spirit. Thank you for adopting from SLR and giving Finn a happy, loving home!


Woody was lovingly fostered by Kevin in FL.

Woody is living the beach life with Linda & Tom. It took him all of one day to become acclimated (and spoiled) in his forever home. He is enjoying all the new smells in his neighborhood and meeting the new neighbors. He loves all of the snuggle time that he is getting with both mom and dad. He has definitely brought much joy to his forever home.



Guthrie was lovingly fostered by Lori & Doug in FL.

Guthrie decided he was having such a good time in his foster home, that he decided to make it permanent. He loves being with his Schnauzer sister, Lily, as they roam the backyard together. He enjoys his daily walks in the neighborhood and being able to snuggle with Lori & Doug at the end of the day.

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