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Sunday, June 20, 2021


Annie & Apollo were lovingly fostered by Joy & Ed in FL.

Beverly & Greg stated that this dynamic duo moved right in and are delighted to have an older canine sister, Sydney, in the house. They are enjoying their backyard and love their walks in the neighborhood. Annie & Jackson especially like it when the grandchildren throw the ball so they can retrieve it. This adorable pair still cuddles up together in the same big dog bed every night.


Scout was lovingly fostered by Lisa in FL.

Scout is thrilled to be in his forever home with two other SLR males – Ziggy & Fritz. Lori & Harold once again opened their home to another sweet boy. The 3 Musketeers are enjoying their outdoor time together in their fenced in yard. Scout is learning that this is his permanent home. Three’s Company, Too!


Mack was lovingly fostered by Donna in FL.

Mr. Mack found his perfect, forever home with Todd, Kathryn, their two teenage daughters and their 2 year old Miniature Schnauzer, Blaze. In just one week, Mack & Blaze became inseparable. They run around in circles in the backyard and wrestle with each other. Mack is losing weight with all of the playtime with Blaze and is also learning to enjoy taking walks to meet the neighbors and their dogs. Todd states that, ‘Mack is such a friendly dog that everyone in the neighborhood loves him!’


Ginger was fostered by Doreen in FL.

Ten years old Ginger is enjoying the comforts of her forever home with Nadine and Rudy. She loves having a fenced in yard to exercise in while enjoying the great FL weather. She is especially enjoying having a new sweet twelve years old, Miniature Schnauzer brother, Cutter, to share the day with. They became best friendly immediately.

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