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Wednesday, May 22, 2024


Kylo (3 years old) was fostered by the Pitman family. In January 2020 he got a new mommy, daddy, teenage human boy (partner in crime), and new schnauzer brother and sister.  Kylo is very sweet, loves cuddles, and gets really excited when he sees us get his leash to go for a walk. He hates storms, but he knows he can come cuddle up to mommy, daddy, or boy.  If we are not around, he cuddles up to his schnauzer siblings, and they don't mind. It didn't take him long to understand the words "treat","snack", and "yummy". We call him "little shadow" as he loves to follow us around everywhere. He loves to talk and howl. He fits right in and knows he is loved. Only blue skies ahead for Kylo.



Holly was lovingly fostered by Beth & Kenny in FL.

Sweet Holly came in to SLR heartworm positive. After many months of loving & patient medical care by her foster parents, Holly was pronounced free and clear of this disease. Holly truly loves everyone she meets. She also loves to sit and watch tv with her family and basically just to be with them wherever they are. The heart wants what the heart wants – Holly wanted Beth & Kenny for her Forever Family and that is what she got!




Barron was lovingly fostered by Mick and Savannah in TN.

Kenobi found a perfect fit with Carlos, Jennifer and their two kids. Kenobi is such a sweet boy and loves everyone he meets. He has never met a stranger. He is loving life with his new family.   



Batman & Robyn were lovingly fostered by Molly & Ted in Florida.

Holy Adoption, Batman! This dynamic duo loves their new Super Heroes  - Christine & Mark and their new fur brother, Slinky. Christine stated that these two are the sweetest bonded pair. When out for their daily walk, they walk side by side and sleep together at night. Slinky has welcomed them into his home and is enjoying having them to share his backyard with – No Jokers here!



Corey was fostered by Erika and Benji was fostered by Nancy in FL.

How do you mend a broken heart? You adopt (2) senior Schnauzers that come ‘wrapped in love. Corey & Benji are such a wonderful pair – so much alike yet so different. Kathie & Arthur state that Corey is so smart and he learns so quickly. He is precious and so polite. Benji is also very polite and yet comical (will let you know he doesn’t need a slow feed bowl by flipping it over). Both boys are enjoying their fenced-in backyard as they regain their strength. Kathie & Arthur are true believers in the "Beauty of a Senior."  



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