Saturday, April 20, 2024


Tucker was lovingly fostered by Linda in Ocala, FL.

Tucker is enjoying his forever home with Ronda & Mark and his new canine brother, Asher. The boys bonded immediately. They virtually play non-stop throughout the day. They take a short nap to get energized and then they are off and running again. Tucker loves to play with toys, but he loves Asher more.


Sugar Baby was lovingly fostered by Joy in FL.

Sugar Baby, now Betsy, is enjoying the good life with Linda & Larry. Betsy has a new canine sister, Stevie, to play with and a feline sister, Helen. Betsy is still not sure what to make of Helen. Linda has so many adjectives for Betsy – loving, sweet, obedient, and snuggly. Linda & Larry just celebrated their 25th Wedding Anniversary. Instead of silver jewelry they opted for a silver Schnauzer! Great choice!


 Cera was fostered by Ronda & Mark in FL.

Cera was turned into SLR when she was diagnosed with diabetes and her owner could no longer care for her. Along came Diana who offered Cera a wonderful, forever home. She now has (4) canine sisters to spend her days with as they roam their fenced-in yard. Diana states how sweet & cuddly Cera is.


Izzy was fostered by Tracy in FL.

Energetic Izzy found her forever home with Carol & Michael. She also has a 10 years old Lhasa Apso brother, Bogey, to spend her time with. Izzy loves to be with her humans and listens very well. She is learning the correct manners when walking on a leash. Izzy is a typical Schnauzer that feels everyone should come and greet her when out for her walks in the neighborhood.


Speedy was fostered by Cheri Shields in the panhandle.  On Saturday, August 31, Speedy was adopted by Shirley in Georgia.  Speedy has gotten a new Mom, a new Schnauzer sister, and a new name.  He will now be ShUGa....see his new Mom’s tshirt for the answer to that one.

Happy Tails to you Speedy/ShUga....such a sweet boy!

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