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Sunday, June 16, 2024


Monkey was lovingly fostered by John and Karen in SC.

Monkey, now known as Missy Charlotte, is living a salty beach life with Yvette, Bob, & new fur brother Ulysseas. Yvette is happy to report that Missy Charlotte and Ulysseas are two peas in a pod & are together all day long - playing, chasing one another, eating meals & when groomed. Missy behaves really well during our walks. She has an easier time meeting other people & dogs than Ulysseas so he has some learning to do from her.  Everybody loves her & she accept lots of kisses and hugs. She especially loves it when my daughter holds her. She’s very attached to Bob. Only sunny skies and sandy toes for this family. 




Azar was lovingly fostered by Paula in Ga\eorgia. 

On August 24th, he joined his forever family Kristen and John, their daughter and son, and  Schnauzer sister Snowball.   Happy Tails, Azar.  Nothing but good times ahead!


Angel was affectionately fostered by Linda in SC.

Adorable, loving ‘Angel’ found her perfect home in FL. Her Forever Family, Claudia & Amaury and their son, state the she certainly lives up to her name. Right from the first day, she slept thru the night, loves taking walks and snuggles with you as you watch TV together. Angel is definitely a heavenly little spirit!


Chocco was lovingly fostered by Erika in FL.

When Chocco arrived at SLR, he was found to be heartworm positive. His Foster Mom cared for him during the treatment – quiet home time and quiet walks - Visits to the vet for testing.

Archie is now enjoying his speed runs with his SLR brother, Auggie. Cathy & Sharon state how energetic and loving he is. He is finally able to run and use some of his pent-up energy. Auggie is teaching Archie how to play tug of war with their toys.


Destiny was fostered by Susan in FL.

Destiny did not have to travel far to find her forever home. Foster Mom, Susan, and her husband James decided Destiny had settled in so nicely with their family that she was there to stay. Miniature Schnauzer brother, Max, also voted to have Destiny as his forever sister. Destiny became quite the Velcro dog with Susan but she also sits on her dad’s lap. Susan states that, ‘Destiny is truly a love.’


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