Saturday, April 20, 2024


Aja & Maggie were fostered by Linda in FL.

The sisters found their forever dream home with Jim & Gene. They are enjoying their fenced-in backyard as they have lots of room for speed runs. They both enjoy having the ball thrown to them so they can retrieve it. They are also loving their walks in the neighborhood with all the new sounds and smells. Sisters, Sisters – there were never such devoted sisters!


Buckley now Jayden was lovingly fostered by Linda in Mt. Pleasant, SC

Jayden has found his furever home with Janice and Bill.  Jayden joins his new sister Jo on daily golf cart rides.   There are always yummy treats after the excursions.  Janice says that Jayden follows Jo all around inside and outside….He even pees where she pees….LOL!   Happy Tails Jayden.  Thank you once again for adopting from SLR. 



Thunder was lovingly fostered by Cali in Sarasota, FL.

Malo is named after Saint-Malo – a small town in France. This is a favorite place that his new mom & dad, Sharon & Rex, had recently visited. Although this town has a long history of piracy, the only thing that Malo has stolen is the hearts of his new family. Malo has so many dog paths to choose from for his numerous walks throughout the day. However,he also loves to ride around the neighborhood in his golf cart. Malo receives several meds a day for his dry eyes but knows he will be rewarded with a treat and a lap to sit on.


Ziggy was lovingly fostered by Molly & Ted in Dover, FL.
Fritzie was lovingly fostered by Linda in Ocala, FL.

Ziggy & Fritzie are enjoying their new pack as they explore their backyard and new neighborhood together. Lori & Harold stated both dogs acclimated to their forever home so quickly. Both boys love having a large fenced-in backyard to run in or to just enjoy being outside in the warm weather. Fritzie enjoys looking out the front window to keep surveillance on the neighborhood. Ziggy is enjoying his new toys and being a Velcro dog to Harold.


Prince was lovingly fostered by Nancy in Titusville, FL.

From ‘Prince’ to where the ‘King’ called home – ‘Memphis.’  Donna & Marc stated that Memphis and his (9) year old Miniature Schnauzer brother, Murphy, are enjoying playing together, running in the backyard together and also taking walks together. Memphis is very smart and a happy little guy who loves his toys as he is allowed to scatter them all around the house.

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