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Simon was lovingly fostered by Carolyn & Kevin in Orlando, FL.

Simon was originally an SLR dog. He came back into the rescue when his owner passed away. Simon found love again the second time around with Gary of Punta Gorda and his Miniature Schnauzer, Ozzy. The two boys were immediate friends. Simon is enjoying the good life and shares his hugs & kisses when Gary returns home.



Ricky was lovingly fostered by Tracy in FL.

The sign on the door reads, “Little Ricky has arrived!” Ricky goes to work every day with his Forever Mom and Dad and his Miniature Schnauzer sister, Lucy. Lucy is thrilled to once again have a buddy to play with. They lay in bed side-by-side and share toys. Judy and Dave state that “Ricky is so funny and sociable with everyone he meets. He is such a good fit for our family. “


Meggie was lovingly fostered by Pam in Johnson City, TN

Meggie literally took a road trip to meet her Forever Family, Mary & Charlie of Venice, FL. They met in GA and it was love at first sight. Meggie settled in immediately when she arrived in sunny FL. She jumped on the couch and made herself right at home. She is enjoying all the long walks she takes throughout the day and loves meeting all her new neighbors and their dogs. Thank you for adopting from SLR once again!


Buddy was lovingly fostered by Kathy in Seminole, FL.

Sweet Buddy found his forever home with Marc & Diana and their three children. Buddy’s tail is always wagging – morning ‘til night. His new family is enjoying all the kisses he constantly gives. Buddy loves all his walks throughout the day as he explores his new neighborhood. It only took him a few days to bond with his new family. He is loved!


Rufus was lovingly fostered by Leah in Rockledge, FL

Fourteen (14) years old Rufus found his perfect forever home with Kathie & Paul and their pack of (3) other SLR Miniature Schnauzers. Kathie states that ‘Rufus is blossoming and fits right in with everyone.’ Rufus has very limited eyesight so Blackjack is always close by to lend a helping paw. Rufus has become the leader of the pack when taking their daily walks. Kathie states that, “We love him to the moon and back.  I think Rufus is very happy as that tail is just wagging all the time! It is a perfect fit with our family.”
                                            We Celebrate Rufus and all Senior Schnauzers

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