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Saturday, February 24, 2024


Peanut was lovingly fostered by Amelia in Jacksonville, FL

Precious Peanut decided she wanted to stay with her Foster Mom, Amelia, and stay she did. Peanut loves having a female Schnoodle as her sister.  The girls enjoy taking their daily walks together in the neighborhood, as Peanut is quite social with everyone she meets. Coco loves having a companion to spend her days with. Peanut found the Perfect Home!


Winston was lovingly fostered by Cali in Sarasota, FL.

Thirteen (13) years old Winston found his dream family with Barbara and her rescue cat. Barbara cannot state enough what a sweet, sweet dog Winston is. He is great on a leash and enjoys meeting his new neighbors. Even though Winston has severe cataracts, he gets around just fine. Thank you Barbara for loving Winston and taking him on this journey with you. We celebrate Winston and all Senior Schnauzers!


Ollie was fostered by David in The Villages, FL.

Ollie thought he was looking in a mirror when he met his (3) Miniature Schnauzer siblings! All (4) dogs became fast friends. They are playing tug-of-war with toys and doing speed runs in the backyard. Diana & Kevin state that Ollie is so smart – it only took him part of the first day to learn how to use the doggie door. Their pack is complete


Louis was fostered by Autumn in Casselberry, FL

Louis is grateful to be in his forever home and having a choice of laps to lie in with Gwen & Geni. He is enjoying his walks in the neighborhood and his fenced-in backyard. Louis is now actually bringing the ball back to you so that it can be thrown again. His favorite time of day is sitting on the lanai in a lap and enjoying the warmth and scents of the Autumn Season in FL.


Minnie was lovingly fostered by Linda in Ocala, FL

Minnie found her Forever Home with Donna, Steve and their Miniature Schnauzer, Sammi-Sue. She immediately became part of the pack and acted like she had always lived with them. She loves riding in the car to the dog park every morning to run with her sister. Minnie enjoys her healthy snacks of broccoli and apples. Both Donna & Steve are thrilled that she adapted and fit in to their family so quickly!

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