Saturday, April 20, 2024

Daisy Mae Berrie

Daisy was lovingly fostered by Carolyn and Kevin in Orlando, FL.

Daisy is one of the members of the ‘Sunshine 7’ that were turned in to SLR due to the owner’s health. Sweet Daisy found her Forever Home with Barrie Jo of St. Augustine. Daisy loves checking out every inch of her new backyard. Daisy was thrilled to learn that she would be living next door to Anna and SLR Sweetie Pie. She adores Sweetie Pie and follows her everywhere. When Sweetie Pie whimpers, Sweet Daisy comes running! May the ‘Sun Shine’ on Daisy for many years to come!


Buddy was lovingly fostered by Beth& Kenny in Cooper City, FL.

Buddy is our Super Hero Rescue Dog. Buddy came into SLR after he had been attacked by another dog and needed medical care. Through the kindness of the SLR Family, Buddy received the medical care that he needed. With much love & support from his foster mom and dad, Buddy was soon on his way to being a healthy, happy boy. Now he hasfound his Fabulous Forever Family with Jennifer and Brian and their two children of Winter Garden, FL. He loves everyone he meets, and they love him. He has made so many new friends in his new neighborhood. Jennifer states that they are, ‘Totally in love with Buddy and could not be happier!’ Our Super Hero Buddy got his happily ever after that he so deserved!


Harley was lovingly fostered by Cali in Sarasota, FL.

Harley literally flew to meet his Forever Family, Julie and Mark of Jacksonville, FL.  He is loving his fenced-in yard and being able to spend time out there with his Poodle Sister, Holly. Julie stated that Harley is so smart – only took him one time to figure out what the doggie door was for. He acts as if he has always lived with them. Just moved right in! Thank you for adopting from SLR once again!



Ash was lovingly fostered by Mary in Jacksonville, FL.

Ash literally hopped on a plane to meet his Forever Family, Diana and Grandma, Fran, of St. Petersburg, FL.  Frankie was delighted to learn that he had a brother, Nicki, waiting for him at home. The boys are getting to know each other as they enjoy their backyard playtime together. Nicki is being polite and sharing his toys with Frankie – that’s what brothers are for!



After her family home was lost Mimi came into the rescue some what scared. She was with her foster mom Bri for a year. But then one day Ms. Pat fell in love with her picture. Now Mimi will be the only dog and be treated like the queen she knows she is. Can someone say snuggle time!!!

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