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Muk was fostered by Autumn in Casselberry, FL

Muk (Luke) couldn’t be happier with his new family of four – Brenda and David and their son and daughter of Jupiter, FL. With four members in the family, that gives Luke (4) laps to sit in. If someone sits down, Luke takes his position right in their lap. Luke has a new SLR Miniature Schnauzer brother, Eddie, to share his backyard with. Luke loves his new family and is glad that someone is home most of the day with him. Thank you for once again adopting from SLR!



Shadow was lovingly fostered by Pam in South Carolina.

This cutie pie was adopted Richard and Jesse so he'll be living in Charleston, SC.  We have no doubt that he will be treated and spoiled like a prince.  It was definitely love at first sight for all three of them. 


Dandelion was lovingly fostered by Kathy in Seminole, FL

“The floral meaning of the Dandelion is that it is a gift to a loved one that will provide happiness and is a promise of total faithfulness.” This certainly describes our little Dandelion. This little 11 pounds Schnoodle found her forever home with Amanda and Gary and their children. Not only does Dandy love her human family, she also loves Flynn, her new Schnoodle brother. They play together like they have always been with each other. Amanda states that ‘Dandy is the sweetest dog ever!’


Adonna was fostered by Beth in Jacksonville & Erika in Cocoa Beach, FL

Adonna (Lilly) came into SLR heartworm positive. She went thru the treatment and after being cleared by her vet, found her happily ever after with Anna in St. Augustine. Lilly is enjoying running around and sniffing every inch of her new backyard. She loves having another SLR Miniature Schnauzer to share it with. Daisy and her mom, Barrie Jo, live next door so Lilly gets to visit with Daisy quite often. Lilly is Anna’s little shadow – where Anna goes, Lilly is not far behind. Lilly is quite the fashionista with her new pink halter that she shows off on her daily walks around town. Thank you for once again adopting from SLR!



Sweet, little Bear was found as a wandering neighborhood dog with no identification and quite shaggy... Frequently left outdoors, eating from garbage cans, but friendly to everyone he met. Bear came into SLR experiencing some separation anxiety and escape tactics, but nevertheless showed himself to be the sweetest, most adoring, and playful little fella. Bear quickly won the hearts of his new parents, Susan and Leander,  and siblings (human and fur). At approximately 2 years old, Bear has a long, happy, healthy life ahead of him!!!  Happy Tails, Bear!

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