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Sunday, June 16, 2024


Kempy was lovingly fostered by Penny, in Winter Garden, FL.

Our little Kempy was thrilled to meet his forever family, Nicole, Michael and their two daughters of Orlando. This little cuddle bug stole everyone’s hearts immediately. He loves giving gentle kisses to his family. He even has grandma and grandpa checking on him during the day. Kempy has the wonderful life he so deserves.


Chance was lovingly fostered by Challice, Randy and their daughters, in St. Johns, FL.

Chance was quite excited to meet Jan & Jennifer and their two sons of Orange Park, FL. Chance is enjoying his new Miniature Schnauzer Sister, Katey. With much patience from Jan & Jennifer, Chance is learning to also play nicely with the two felines in the home! 


Benji was lovingly fostered by Donna, in Venice, FL.

Benji definitely found his ‘Pack Leader’ when he met George of Melbourne, FL. Benji enjoys taking a nap in one of his dog beds while George works in his home office. Wherever George is, Benji is not far behind. Benji is enjoying his walks in the neighborhood and all the new smells it has to offer. Benji and George have definitely become ‘Best Buddies.’ 


Bam Bam was lovingly fostered by Carolyn & Kevin, in Orlando, FL.

What a difference a week makes! Bam Bam was staying with Ryan, Melissa and their son, Devin, while his foster parents went on vacation. During the week, Bam Bam enjoyed his daily long walks and continued with his training. Bam Bam also fell in love with his temporary fosters as they did with him. Bam Bam found his person, when he bonded immediately with Devin. They are enjoying playing together every afternoon when Devin arrives home from school. Great choice of a family, Bam Bam!


Blair was lovingly fostered by Sandy, in Barefoot Bay, FL.

Blair came to SLR needing cataract surgery. With the generous support of SLR, Blair was able to have a successful surgery. She loved being able to clearly see her new mom and dad – Elaine & Captain Bill of Boynton Beach, FL. Blair loves her new home and her walks in the neighborhood now that she is able to see all the wonderful sights it has to offer. She even took a trip to Home Depot for some quick shopping. Foster Mom, Sandy, sent Blair to her Forever Home with her ‘Pillow Chum.’ That is where Blair has chosen to take her naps. Looks like smooth sailing ahead for Blair!


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