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How to Adopt

PLEASE NOTE: We will adopt only to residents in our coverage area of AL, FL, GA, MS, NC, SC and TN.
Our adoption fee ranges from $275.00 - $500.00 depending on the age and needs of the dog.

  • STEP 1  Determine that a Miniature Schnauzer is the breed for your family.  You can find more information about these wonderful dogs at the American Miniature schnauzer Club website: Here
  • STEP 2  Go to the "SLR Available Pets" page: Available Pets  and let us know if there is a particular dog you would like to adopt.  Please rememberwe have schnauzers coming into rescue that have not yet been posted on the website.  That's why it's important to send us an application to keep on file, so we can contact you when we find your perfect match.
  • STEP 3   Complete the online Adoption Application form.  Remember to click on the Submit button at the bottom of the form, to send your application to us.  Please click on the submit button at the bottom of each page it will take you to the next required question.
  • STEP 4   A Schnauzer Love Rescue representative will send you an email with attachments and then call to do a telephone interview so we can give you some additional information and  further clarify what you are looking for in a new schnauzer.
  • STEP 5   A Schnauzer Love Rescue representative in your area, will contact you to schedule a Home Visit.  The home visit familiarizes us with your family members and your current pets. Please note, we are all volunteers, so it can take 1 to 2 weeks to set up your home visit.  
  • STEP 6   Through our Family Match program, we work diligently to match you with the right dog to ensure a successful adoption. Sometimes there is a perfect match ready to go, and other times it may take a while. Once we have found the perfect match, we will coordinate between you and the foster home for a convenient location to meet, so you can receive your schnauzer.  Sometimes if a rescue is being fostered in a different city, it may be necessary for you to travel to pick up your dog.  This is especially true if you choose a dog from another state.  
  • STEP 7  If at any time throughout this process you adopt or buy a schnauzer  elsewhere, or you are no longer interested in adopting, PLEASE e-mail us so we can cancel your application.


Rescue dogs become part of Schnauzer Love Rescue through a variety of circumstances. Often they have gone through many changes in their little lives and are still adapting while in foster care. We go to great lengths to care for these dogs, to assess their temperaments and needs, so they can be placed in a suitable permanent home.  All dogs coming into our rescue program receive a full veterinary examination and are brought up to date on their shots, checked for worms, and they are spayed or neutered before we release them to their forever home.  If the schnauzer is in need of any type of surgery, Heart Worm treatment or they are in immediate need of a Dental, - this is all covered by SLR before we let an adoption take place. We bear all of these costs, so there is no additional fee to you besides the adoption fee. You will receive a copy of all paperwork from the Vet, to show all procedures have been complete.

While our rescues are in their foster homes, they are being assessed for temperament, - to see if they are housebroken, ride well in a car, walk on a leash, get along with children, get along with cats, if they like to play with other dogs or would be better without any other dogs, create trained, food aggressive or any other type of assessment that needs to be made.  This ensures the best possible placement for our rescues.  We strive to make the process a happy transition for both the dog and for you!

Things to consider when adopting are:  Would you consider either a male or female?  What is the oldest schnauzer you are willing to adopt?  How far would you be willing to drive to adopt?  Do you need a child friendly schnauzer? Would you accept a schnauzer mix or one with a tail?  The more information you tell us, the quicker we will be able to find the right dog for you!

There are also many factors that contribute to how fast an adoption can take place: 
- the number of dogs we have in rescue when you submit your application 
- whether you will accept either a male or female 
- whether you would consider adopting an older schnauzer or one from another state 
- how long it takes for a particular dog to be assessed
- the rescue dog's health status
- your willingness to accept a schnauzer other than one you have seen on our website
- it may already be spoken for


A healthy Schnauzer can live 12-15 years and often don't begin to show their age until around 13 years. If you are a senior citizen, may we suggest that you consider an older Schnauzer? Please take into consideration your age and health and how it will affect your new dogs' future.

Many pets are abandoned because their caregivers have to leave them to enter a nursing home or assisted living center that does not allow pets. Other family members do not always have the space, desire or the ability to care for a pet displaced by such an event.

Want more information on adopting an older dog? Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ! We'd love to hear from you!



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