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Monday, July 22, 2024


Handsome Nico  was the first rescue dog that foster mom Kathy Sullivan considered adopting herself. He was such a great loving dog that never left her side.  t was discovered he had bladder stones. So SLR took care of his necessary surgery.

When Susan and Darryl of Orange Park, Florida heard Nico's story and saw a picture of him they fell in love with him and couldn't wait to adopt him.
Nico  now has 2 miniature pinschers as fur siblings and the perfect home where he will get all the love and attention he deserves.




Aspen now Brooke was lovingly fostered by Joy and Fred in Florida. Leah and Travis have joyfully adopted 9 yr old Aspen (Brooke). They live in Spring Hill, FL and recently celebrated their 60th. Wedding Anniversary. BRooke is a very lucky little Schnauzer to have found such a loving home.



Little Schotzie now called Sophie was so ready to go with her new mom and dad, Nancy and Darrell, who came all the way from FL to get her.   She was on Nancy's lap, kissed and cuddled, and was out the door in a heartbeat. She is going to bring lots of smiles. 




Phoebe was lovingliy foster by Mary and Hal in Mississippi.  She was adopted by Al and Jo Ann of Orange Beach FL. Phoebe is doing great in her new home and her new parents are happy to have her as their new baby. She has already stolen their hearts.




 Matt "Matty Boy" was lovingly fostered by Penny McLaughlin in Winter Garden Florida.This strong silent type is now a fun loving fellow. Look how happy and excited he is with his new family Gregg and Cindy! And he loves his new fenced in back yard too!

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