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Wednesday, May 22, 2024


While Cheryl Pulley was at her vet with her 2 Pomeranians she heard the cries of Duchess who was brought in with a broken leg.  She was a stray that had been hit by a car.  Immediately she put in her application with SLR knowing she could give Duchess a wonderful, loving home.

Cheryl waited patiently for 3 months while Duchess healed with her foster mom, Kathy of Seminole, Florida. Cheryl put in her application and went through the SLR adoption process. On August 17, Duchess and Cheryl and the 2 Pomeranians were reunited.  Duchess lives the good life now and has learned from the poms how to enjoy it.



Piper is a sweet and loving 5 year old salt and pepper miniature schnauzer who was fostered by Ken and Karissa Huffmire in Murfreesboro, TN.

This princess will be loving all the attention that she receives from mom, dad, and 2 legged sister, Madison. Christine has been enjoying car rides with her new family and meeting extended family members. Now Christine's toughest part of the day is deciding which bed to sleep in - what a life! So happy for her and her new sweet family!



Will was lovingly fostered by Diane and Mark in Mississippi until his adoption, Alan, pictured with Will, and his wife Donna who was unable to get the time off to pick up Will, are both thrilled to have Will as a new member of their family.  Will will now be living in sunny Florida.


Gigi was lovingly fostered by Angela and her family in Simpsonville, South Carolina.  She was adopted by Angela's mom and dad who had cometo SC for a visit.  Gigi will now make her home in Alabama, but everyone is so happy she will continue to be part of the family!


Mack was lovingly fostered by Carolyn & Kevin in Orlando, FL as their first foster. It was a match made in heaven and three weeks later, they decided they couldn't live without him. So, even though they promised to NOT fail Fostering 101, they did!

Mack has become a daddy's boy but loves both of his parents very much and they dote on him. The family continues to foster other Mini's for SLR and Mack does his best to make each feel welcomed while showing them the ropes. He's a great foster brother and loved by all.

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