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Wednesday, May 22, 2024




Spanky was lovingly fostered by Mary, in Jacksonville, FL.

Spanky found his Forever Family when he met Robin of Orlando. Spanky is thrilled to have a 5 year old MS brother, Hans, to play with – and play they are doing! His 14 year old MS brother, Mike, is supervising them. All three enjoy the backyard where Hans is the leader – Frankie just follows his path. All three of the boys follow Robin wherever she goes. Thank you for once again adopting from SLR!


Samantha was lovingly fostered by Challice, Randy and their daughters, in St. Johns, FL.

It was truly love at first sight when Jennifer and Gregory of Clearwater, FL set eyes on Samantha. When Samantha (age 11) arrived at her forever home, she was greeted by her new (11) year old Miniature Schnauzer brothers – Rutherford & Marshall who welcomed her as they all trotted around their fenced-in backyard together. Jennifer states that Samantha is the sweetest dog. Everyone bonded immediately!  Thanks for adopting this Sensational Senior Lady from SLR!



Jax was lovingly fostered by Linda, in Ocala, FL.

Jax was thrilled to meet his new family, Michelle & Fred and their (3) children of Winter Haven, FL. Jax has a brand new fenced-in yard to run around in. He learned the first day, which door he should go to when he needs to go outdoors. From the very first night, he has slept thru the night. Jax is enjoying playing with the three kids and his new Kong toy. Michelle states that Jax is so sweet and they are very grateful to have him. 


Kirby was lovingly fostered by Kathy, in Seminole, FL.

Kirby was looking for his perfect forever home. He wanted to make sure there would be young children in the home to play with.  He found his perfect home with Ann & Craig and their two children of Wellington, FL. Ann states that Kirby settled right in with his new family. Kirby enjoys hearing the nightly bedtime stories that are read. He jumps right on the bed and curls up. Kirby is so athletic, that they are thinking of taking him to agility training. Ann states that ‘Kirby is a sweet, handsome, smart dog.’ They are thrilled to have him!


Lacee was lovingly fostered by LJ, in Anthony, FL.

Lacee came into SLR when her owner could no longer care for her. Lacee was very shy and had many fears. LJ and her pack helped Lacee get over so many of her fears. She learned it was okay to trust. Lacee needed a mom that would understand her and she found just that person with Jane of Gainesville. Lacee is happily living the best possible life in her forever home where she has a yard all to herself. She takes lots of walks with Jane and is meeting the new neighbors. Lacee is now cuddling with Jane at night. Life is good for Lacee & Jane!  

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