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Susie - September 26, 2006

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Suzy - November 14, 2006


In Loving Memory of "Duffy" 

Duffy was our little hard body sentry....  

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Greta - July 29, 2004


Tibbs - January 13, 2009

Buddy Roe

On 1/5/10 sweet Buddy Roe went to the Rainbow Bridge... he will live on in the hearts of the Greggs and Gillihans
who loved him dearly.


Pearl never found a new 4-ever home, but she found love from her foster mom, Stacey. Pearl will continue to live on in our hearts.

Hattie Sue

Hattie Sue went to the Rainbow Bridge late in 2009, and she is missed by all who knew her and loved her.


Darling Holly will be missed by her family and those who knew and loved her.  She will wait to reunite with her family at the Rainbow Bridge.


Sweet Travis has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. He will be missed by all who knew him and
loved him.


Annie was sick and couldn't be made well so with much heartache she was allowed to cross the Bridge 4/2/10. Annie was a sweet dog and is missed terribly by her momma, Sue.


Cricket was a sweet & petite little girl who was dearly loved by her momma Jan. After many health problems she crossed over the Bridge in March 2010.


Sweet Sassie was owned and loved by Minetry. She is dearly missed by her mom and fur siblings, but we know she's waiting at the Bridge.


Beautiful Vallie was dearly loved by her fur parents, Fred and Joy Cox.  At the age of 15, she crossed the Bridge, and is missed so very much.

Xena Kelly

Xena Kelly- (1998-2009) She was a wonderful family member and is missed and will never be forgotten.


Louie was adopted in 2004 from SLR and was much loved by his family. Louie will be forever in their hearts


Fredrick was a sick, sweet, 1 year old boy. For the short time his SLR  mom had him, he was loved and is now missed


Sweet Eeyore passed peacefully on 3/23/11. He will be sorely missed by the Sullivans and Grauls who loved him.

Lisa Marie

Lisa Marie went to the Bridge on 3/28/11. She was loved by her foster parents, the Knittles, who were with her until the end.


Bogie (Brandon) was very loved by Rayene, David & many others until bladder cancer ushered him to the Bridge. He is sorely missed by all.


Ozzie was owned and loved by Kim & Zoe. He crossed the Bridge 8/2/11. He 's missed, & won't be forgotten.


Bella was a sweet girl who went to the Bridge on 8/8/11. She was loved by Megan & Mindy and is greatly missed .


'Ludwig whose dates are (12/11/97-11/12/11) was dearly loved by Jeff and Barrett. He'll not be forgotten.


Heidi was adopted as a senior by Marsh and John. She went to the Bridge at 16 years old.
She was very loved is is sorely missed.


Radar was adopted by Linda and Robert & he crossed the Bridge 10/30/10. They say- Love you now & always Rowdy Radar!


Megan came to SLR late in life. She spent her last years well loved and cared for with her foster mom in AL.  She'll be missed by all who knew her.


Gus came to SLR in his senior years and never found a permanent home, but he was well loved by all who fostered him.


Lulu, owned & loved by Steve & Kathy was adopted from SLR in 2006. Lulu lost her battle with cancer and is missed so much.


Scruffy was so loved by his mom Carol who adopted him  from SLR. He went to the Bridge on 5-4-12 & is greatly missed.


Oliver was loved by his foster mom, Alison, until cancer made it necessary to let him cross the Bridge. He was a very good boy and is terribly missed.


Gertie came to SLR & due to having cancer remained in foster care until she crossed the Bridge. She's missed by Fran, Ronnie & Flo.


"Ultimate Sweetness"
Sebastian was a rescue boy owned and loved by Gina & Will. He lost his battle with cancer and crossed the Bridge in April of 2012 and is so very missed!


Tucker was loved by his new mom who had him a short time when he went to the Bridge during a dental. He'll never be forgotten.

Jeannie Lou

Jeannie Lou was much loved and is sorely missed by her mom Becky. She lived a wonderful, long life of 18 years.


Rosie was fostered and then adopted by Matt & Daniel.  She only lived a few months in her new home, but she was loved & is now missed.

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