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Wednesday, May 22, 2024


Bonnie - June 11, 2008



 Bonnie passed away in her mom's arms on June 11th, 2008.

6/11/2004-6/11/2008 For exactly 4 years to the day, Bonnie was part of my life. She was my first rescue dog. She was supposed to have been 5 or 6, but she ended up being 9-12. We pulled up to the shelter and there she was shaking uncontrollably. I knew at that moment she was my girl. She learned how to play from her younger brother Winston. They were always together. I am so grateful for the 4 years I had to spoil Bonnie. I miss her. She was 14-17 years old. She had been a breeder's dog and didn't have a good beginning. She ended up with an older couple who after health issues came up weren't able to care for her. She came to live with us then. She was so scared of everything and everyone. I wrote this poem for her...

Today I made a painful choice

For my little friend without a voice

I held you close against my chest

I saw you relax for your final rest

You looked at me with tired brown eyes

I felt you breathe just one last sigh 

No more pain in the moment of release

Just gentle sighs and lasting peace

It was the hardest thing to let you go

I only did it because I love you so



Kerri Beatty