Feb with NC

Saturday, February 24, 2024

Chickpea is small about 9 pounds, She is good with other dogs and cats too. She is blind so she needs a fenced yard and not too many steps to navigate. Her foster mom wants her to have another dog and/or a cat for her to cuddle with and take her cues from. Here is a poem her foster mom wrote about sweet little Chickpea.


A teeny senior baby, cute as can be
You can call me lil’ Chickpea.

I’m small, smooth, and black
You best not forget my midnight snack!

I love belly rubs, bean bags, and cats.
I’ve just enough spunk and just enough sass

Without my eyes, I’m super unique.   
Yet I'll surely find the space between your feet.

chickpea4I can still stare right into your soul,
And being with me will make you feel whole.

I love playing tippy tappy, rolling on the floor,
And I poke my nosey through every door.

With no teefies, I like my food warm and squishy
And while you’re at it, might as well scratch my tushy!

I’m told I’m a precious companion, the talk of the town.
I want to be near you when it’s time to settle down.

My tail is waggy, my spirit is strong.
I’m ready to be loved the rest of my life long.