Saturday, April 20, 2024

Greetings from the West Coast of FL!  My best friend and I are a bonded pair. We are not littermates – however, we were born only (9) days apart. We love each other, are very bonded and must be adopted together. Our mom was working very long hours and did not feel it was fair to us to be left alone for so many hours during the workweek – and we agreed. We are so thankful that SLR took us in to their rescue. I know they will find us a wonderful home together.

HomerLu3My name is ‘Lucy.’ My mom would always sing, ‘Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds!’ Wouldn’t that be exciting! I am only 18 months old. I am salt & pepper, weigh 11 lbs. and have natural ears and a docked tail. Our foster mom says that I am a little girl who is so very, very, sweet. I may be a little shy at first but that goes away after a few days. I get along with my foster mom’s dog. I love being out in the backyard and enjoy all the wonderful fragrances of Spring Time in FL. I also love the hunt for those pesky lizards! I enjoy when foster mom’s grandkids visit after school and play with me.

HomerLu4My best friend, Homer, is (9) days younger than me. Not sure if he was named after Homer Simpson or the Greek poet! He is both funny and he is smart! Homer is black, weighs 17 lbs. and also has natural ears and a docked tail. He loves everyone he meets! No shyness in him. Homer also loves being in the fenced yard. He too, enjoys our foster mom’s grandchildren. Homer’s back legs are a little bowlegged. It does not affect Homer with running, jumping, hunting lizards or cuddling!

HomerLu2My ‘brother from another mother’ and I love each other so much. We both love to cuddle and love attention. We are so gentle with each other. We groom each other – ear grooming is our specialty! We do bark a little when foster mom leaves the house and when we hear her returning home. We are excited she has returned to us. She does not crate us, as we do not need it. She is not sure who starts the barking – we blame it on her personal dog!  No condo or apartment living for us. The perfect family would be a young family with children and a fenced yard to exercise in.

If after reading our autobiography, you are interested in knowing more details, please complete an adoption application on the SLR web site and enter ‘Lucy & Homer’ as the very sweet bonded pair that you would like to provide a loving forever home to.  ‘Double the Paws – Double the Love!’