Saturday, April 20, 2024

Hello from Central FL!  My brother and I are in a wonderful foster home just southeast of Orlando. Although we are close to the many theme parks and near the beach, we are happy just hanging out in our foster home. Unfortunately, the only mom we have ever known became ill and could no longer care for us. She was told about SLR and is very happy that we will be well taken care of and that we will find a wonderful forever home together.

SisCab3My name is ‘Sissie.’ I am a black 13 years young, Schnoodle (talk about 2 intelligent breeds)! I have natural ears and a docked tail. I am a little girl at 11 lbs. My foster parents say I behave so much younger than what my age is on paper. I get along with the foster’s two dogs and LOVE to go for my daily walks. My brother is never out of my sight. At this stage, I’m not interested in having young children around or any felines. The vet man did a wellness check and everything came back normal (although I think I am perfect).

SisCab4My brother is ‘Cabby.’ He is also a 13 years young, Schnoodle and has natural ears and a docked tail. He weighs 14 lbs. He also loves his daily walks and never lets me out of his sight. The vet man says he has a Level 2 heart murmur – no meds needed for that low level. He also has some crystals in his urine but does not have any stones.

SisCab5My brother and I love each other so much – we prefer to sleep together in the same, small dog bed. We love to cuddle with each other and we keep each other safe. We are strongly attached to one another. Our foster parents say we are an adorable duo that melts hearts!

If after reading our autobiography, you are interested in knowing more details about us, please complete an adoption application on the SLR web site and enter ‘Sissie & Cabby’ as the very sweet bonded brother & sister you would like to provide a loving forever home to.

                       ‘Double the wagging tales, double the happiness!’