Saturday, April 20, 2024

Waggles2Meet Waggles. When he came into rescue, nobody was sure he'd survive, he was so malnourished and weak. Round-the-clock feedings and lots of TLC saved him. We all thought he was a quiet little almost-senior fella. Maybe 7 or possibly older. Well, we sure called that wrong.

Waggles3He is now a robust 14 lb. busy little rascal that acts like a puppy. (We are guessing he's a youngster still). He knows two speeds - full throttle and cuddle/nap time. He must have a fenced yard to run in, a playful canine buddy to run with, and owners that want an energizer bunny dog for a pet. He loves every dog he meets, every human he encounters and can't wait to learn better how to walk on a leash so he can take treks around the block with you. Waggles, named for his trademark waggedy tail, is a schnauzer - rat terrier blend. He's neutered, up-to-date on his vaccines, house trained, a good car-rider, and generally just about perfect, according to his foster mom. He does need extra attention for itchy skin. Waggles is an affectionate and sweet little clown and stealer of socks, and really enjoys life, as you can tell!

Waggles4Waggles5If you meet all of Waggles' needs and just can't resist this adorable little guy, please ask for Waggles in Tennessee!